Baxi 600 Combi Boiler Review

baxi 600 combi boiler review

The Baxi 600 combi boiler is a popular mid-range combi boiler in the UK. This combi boiler is available in a range of outputs from 24kw. The Baxi 600 is designed to fit in kitchen cupboards making it suitable to fit in standard kitchen cupboards and comes with a great 7-year warranty.

Built in the UK, this combi boiler is a great option for small to medium-sized homes with one bathroom. 

baxi 600 30kw combi boiler review

Baxi 600 Combi Boiler Reviews specification highlights

  • Baxi 600 Boiler Price – From £1,899 with installation
  • Available in combi boilers
  • Combi boiler outputs – 24kW, 30kW & 36kW
  • Dimensions – 700 x 390 x 285mm
  • Gas Condensing Boilers
  • Energy efficiency rating – A
  • Flow Rate –  From 10.2 l/min
  • Up to 7 years warranty

Baxi 600 combi 30kW Review – Popular British mid-range boiler

The Baxi 600 30kw combi boiler is the most popular in the range, This 30kW combi boiler is perfect for small to medium-sized homes with one bathroom. It is the perfect output as it is capable of heating your home efficiently and providing instant hot water to your taps as and when you need it at the right temperature. With a flow rate of 12.2l/min, a low operating noise level of 48 decibels and a compact cupboard fit, this boiler can do everything you ask of it. 

baxi 600 combi boiler review dimensions

Baxi 630 combi boiler dimensions – Perfect kitchen cupboard fit


As you can see this boiler is less than 400mm wide and under 300mm deep so is one of the best combi boilers for installing in kitchen cupboards. This boiler is sold by Baxi as made for kitchen cupboards, but we suggest that you always measure up beforehand to ensure it fits. 

Baxi 600 combi boiler – How good is it?

The Baxi combi boiler is a good boiler as it will do everything you ask of it. It is manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the UK. Baxi has been making combi boilers for well over 50 years so they know exactly what is required to make a good combi boiler. A stamp of approval from any manufacturer is how long the warranty on a boiler is. The Baxi 600 combi comes with 7 years warranty which is good. If you want a longer warranty you should consider others such as the Viessmann 050-w which has 10 years for the same price. 

How much is a Baxi 600 combi boiler?

The Baxi 624 new boiler costs around £750 to buy on its own, not including installation. If you need the Baxi 624 boiler installing then expect to pay over £1,000 more including parts and labour. The Baxi 630 is around £850 to buy and the Baxi 636 costs around £950. All these boilers are the same dimensions but have a different internal output. If you can’t afford to pay for a Baxi boiler upfront, why not try the pay monthly boilers option where you can spread the cost of your boiler over a number of years with no deposit required.

Baxi 600 Combi Price Table

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy EfficiencyBoiler Price
Baxi624Combi Boiler24kWA rated£750
Baxi630Combi Boiler30kWA rated£850
Baxi636Combi Boiler36kWA rated£950

The main features of the Baxi 600 combi

The Baxi 600 main features are all about the size and parts that are used in this combi boiler, It can also be sued with smart controls too to help save you money on your gas and electric utility bills. This compact combi boiler is a great alternative to the Worcester Bosch CDi compact.  

Baxi 600 Compact combi boiler

baxi 600 combi boiler review energy efficiency

The Baxi 600 combi is a very compact combi boiler with dimensions purposely made to fit in a kitchen cupboard. This makes it great for smaller homes where space is lacking and can be neatly hidden away. This makes this compact combi boiler easy to install too which also saves on labour costs. 

Baxi 600 Energy-efficient boiler

This energy efficient boiler runs at 93% efficiency which makes it also an A-rated boiler. This in turn ensures that your gas consumption will be as low as possible, and definitely will be lower if you have an old boiler. You could save over £300 by changing your old boiler to an A-rated Baxi 600 combi boiler. 

Baxi 600 Quiet Boiler

With operating noise levels between 47 decibels and 49 decibels depending on the boiler output, this is definitely a quiet boiler. This is great if you do want this in a kitchen cupboard or near your living area as you won’t have a noisy boiler ruining any cosy nights in on chilly winters nights.  

Top-quality components made in the UK

With top quality brass components, the Baxi 600 is built to last. The Baxi brand is known as a reliable boiler brand and with their years of experience in designing and manufacturing boilers across the UK and the rest of the world, these boilers will provide you with years of hassle-free heating. 

Easy to use LCD display 

Controlling a boiler should be easy to do, and with the Baxi 600’s LCD display they have ensured everyone can use this boiler. Giving you all the information required in simple icons and text, there will be no confusion if you need to change anything on the boiler.  

Baxi 600 easy-fill feature for water pressure

The easy-fill feature on the Baxi 600 makes any water pressure issues easily fixed by you without calling an installer or second-guessing which tap to turn. With a simple press of the spring-loaded lever, you can hold it until you reach the correct pressure, which is also easily recognised with a green segment on the gauge. 

Baxi 600 warranty – 7 years parts and labour

baxi 600 system boiler review

The 7-year parts and labour warranty that comes with the Baxi 600 means you can buy this boiler with confidence knowing it will last. This doesn’t mean that the boiler will only last 7 years, it will no doubt last longer if it is serviced every year and looked after. Ut if anything should happen during this period you are covered for everything, so you won’t have to pay a penny for any breakdowns or problems. 

Baxi 600 system boilers for larger homes

If you have a larger home then the Baxi 600 system boiler range is a great boiler that comes with all the same features as the combi boiler but can provide hot water to multiple taps at the same time all while efficiently heating your home up. The Baxi 600 system boilers come without a hot water tank so you either need to already have one or buy one which will be a separate cost.

Baxi 600 system boiler prices without hot water cylinders

Baxi615Combi Boiler15kWA rated£750
Baxi618Combi Boiler18kWA rated£850
Baxi624Combi Boiler24kWA rated£950

Baxi 600 heat regular boilers

Baxi 600 heat range are regular boilers that require a hot water cylinder and cold water tank to work. These energy-efficient conventional boilers are great for homes with high hot water demand and low water pressure. The regular boiler is gradually becoming less and less common but Baxi is still making these great boilers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Baxi 600 combi boiler reviews verdict

baxi 600 heat boiler review

Baxi is a well-known boiler brand that makes great boilers. They are one of the best manufacturers of combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers in the UK. The Baxi 600 is one of their best selling boilers and its suitability to most homes in the UK make it a great choice for anyone looking for a Baxi boiler. 

Baxi 600 combi performance review – 9/10

The Baxi 600 is a great performer when it comes to heating and hot water when you need it. With an excellent energy efficiency of 93%, this A-rated boiler will give you instant hot water as and when you need it at the temperature you require. If you have 2 bathrooms you will be better off with the higher output Baxi 636 combi. 

Baxi 600 combi reliability review – 9/10

The Baxi 600 range is known for its reliability and with years of heating engineering experience, they are continually producing reliable boilers that last for years and years if serviced properly every year. Baxi remains one of the most prominent boiler brands in the UK and their reliable boilers will continue to be for years to come. 

Baxi 600 combi price review – 7.5/10

The Baxi 600 range is a mid-price range boiler at around £850 without installation. This makes it in direct competition with other top boilers such as the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w and Worcester 4000 combi boilers. This makes it not as good value as you can get combi boilers with more features such as built-in WiFi and 10 years warranty.  

Baxi 600 7 year warranty – 8/10

The 7-year warranty that comes with the Baxi 600 combi boiler is the minimum of what you would expect from a boiler in this price range. This warranty includes parts and labour so it is a great 7-year guarantee and peace of mind for you. This means you don’t pay a penny extra if you have any problems or boiler breakdowns 

Baxi 600 combi boilers review overall score 8/10

baxi 600 combi boiler review usense smart control

If you are looking for a mid-range combi boiler that fits in a cupboard, is reliable and comes with a good warranty then the Baxi 600 is a great choice. This British made combi boiler packs a punch and Baxi have a wealth of heating engineers ready and able to install boilers across the UK. This is also good news for Baxi aftercare and customer support if anything should go wrong. We recommend the Baxi boiler if you are looking for a replacement boiler but we think there are better value options out there. 

Baxi USense Thermostats for the 600 range

The Baxi USense smart thermostat is designed to be used with the Baxi 600 range to save you money on your gas and electricity bills. The USense smart thermostat connects to your Baxi 600 combi boiler and you can control your heating and hot water temperature using an app on your mobile devices. 

Hive & Nest

If you like your current Nest or Hive smart thermostat then the Baxi 600 is compatible with these too. You can simply connect these upon installation and continue to have your heating controls at your fingertips. 

Baxi 600 boiler reviews summary – Compare Boilers & Save

The British made Baxi 600 boiler range is a very popular boiler that is installed in thousands of homes in the UK every year. You can get one of these geat boilers installed in your home by simply getting an online quote. If you want a Baxi 6000 combi boiler or any of their other range then you can check out other reviews and boilers online now with Boiler Central. Compare other boiler reviews and alternatives online now to ensure you get the best boiler for your home at a great price. 

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