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boxt boiler reviews and prices

Boxt reviews and boiler prices including next day installation

The original next-day boiler installation innovators. Boxt have revolutionised the boiler installation industry several years ago to move the whole buying process online.

You don’t just buy the boiler though, you then book your installation date and an installer all online. Your boiler is delivered boxed up to your home and the installer fits in your home. Sounds great doesn’t it, lets’s take a look at Boxt and how much their brand new boilers cost.

Boxt Reviews – Are Boxt any good?

Boxt installer boilers across the UK. They have installed thousands of boilers in the UK and continue to do so successfully. Boxt installs some of the best combi boilers from companies such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi & more.

They have a large network of local boiler installers ready to be able to install a new boiler the next day. Similar to Boiler Central, which also offers the same boilers and service, but often at a lower price. Finding the cheapest boilers is always a winner, and when the service is just as good and your boiler installation is completed as expected, you will be even more pleased!

Boxt boiler prices

Boxt boiler prices start at around £1,700 for a simple combi-boiler replacement, right up to £4,000 for a full back boiler replacement.

These prices are very competitive when compare to other companies such as Boiler Central and Heatable which are slightly cheaper. All these prices are a guide and the boiler costs can change from day to day.

Always look out for Boxt boilers offers too to get the best deals on combi boilers system boilers and conventional boilers.

Boxt boiler installation prices

All prices quoted are a guide and include a new boiler, full installation, and all the necessary essentials you would expect from a professional boiler installation service. You also get the full boiler manufacturer warranty will replacements.

Boxt new boiler installation typeBoxt Price
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 30kw combi swap£1,800
Ideal Logic C30 combi conversion from system boiler£2,200
Replace a back boiler with a Worcester 4000 combi£3,500

All boiler prices are subject to change and are just a guide as every home requirement is different

Boxt boiler replacement review

When you buy a boiler from Boxt you get everything you need for a full boiler replacement. Let’s take a look at what is included with new boiler installations from Boxt.

  • Replacement gas boiler (combi, system, or heat only boilers)
  • Full installation including labour costs
  • Boiler flue
  • Boiler Filters
  • Pipework
  • Boiler warranty
  • Thermostat or controls
  • Great customer service

All these things are what you would expect when you are paying for a replacement boiler installation from Boxt. You can get all this included in your boiler quotes simply by answering a few questions online about your home and boiler.

Boxt Boiler Quote – What questions do Boxt ask?

In order to get a Boxt boiler quote for the perfect boiler, you need to answer some simple questions about your home and your boiler. Here are the questions that you will need to answer on Boxt’s website:

  1. What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
  2. Currently, what type of boiler do you have?
  3. Is your current boiler working?
  4. Do you want your new boiler in a different place?
  5. If yes, where do you want your new boiler?
  6. Which of these best describes your home?
  7. How many bedrooms do you have?
  8. How many bathtubs do you have, or plan to have in future?
  9. How many separate showers do you have, or plan to have in future?
  10. Do you have thermostatic radiator valves on all your radiators?
  11. Where does your flue come out of?
  12. Is it square or round?
  13. How close to the ground is your flue?
  14. How close to another property is your flue?
  15. Is the flue under a carport, balcony or other structure?
  16. Is the flue 30cm or more away from a door or window?
  17. Finally, enter the first part of your postcode?

All these questions can easily be answered by a homeowner and there are a few pictures or images on the Boxt website to help you along the way. If the images you provide are insufficient, then one of their expert customer service advisors will be on hand to guide you through the rest of your installation journey.

Buying your boiler from Boxt – Ways to pay for fixed price installations

Once you have chosen your boiler and installation date from an employed or self-employed installer, you need to pay for your boiler. There are several ways you can buy a boiler from Boxt. Here is a list of the ways you can pay for your new boiler from BOXT.

Pay by card

You can pay for your boiler outright in one go. If you have a Visa, Mastercard or similar you can settle your payment at checkout.

The good thing though is that nothing leaves your account until the installation is complete and you are happy with the work. New boiler costs are quite high, so if you are unsure during the period between choosing your boiler and the fitting, then you can cancel at any time, especially if you get a better offer.

Buy now pay later finance

If you don’t have the cash up front, you can spread the cost of your boiler with boiler finance. You can pay nothing for the first month, and then you can start paying a set monthly amount over a set amount of years. You can choose terms of over 2 years up to 10 years.

Boxt 0% interest-free finance

Boxt does offer interest-free boiler finance, so if you want to buy your boiler today but don’t want to pay a penny extra for paying monthly, then this is a great option. The interest-free finance from Boxt is only over 2 years. 

Interest-free finance is usually only available on certain makes and models, but it is generally on the best boilers too which makes it such a good option. The repayments of interest-free boiler finance are generally higher due to the short loan agreement term.

Boxt and B & Q boilers – Buy in store?

B&Q boiler? yep, you heard right. Did you know that you can buy a Boxt boiler from B&Q?  Since then, they have teamed up to tackle the rising energy crisis and offer everyone access to a better boiler. However, we expect that prices for the boiler will go up. Everything is always cheaper online, isn’t it?

However, you don’t know what the best prices are and it remains to see if boiler prices will be higher than the average because B&Q will make some money along this journey by letting Boxt take up space in their warehouses.

As with everything, it is always cheaper to go direct to Boxt, or any installer online. It is always better to purchase a boiler directly from the manufacturer and then compare the best boiler price online. It is quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective.

Boxt Review – Boxt boilers & next day installations

Boxt has many reviews on the top review sites such as Trustpilot. They have an average rating of 5.0 from over 9,000 reviews which is pretty impressive. The main downside to Boxt, like Heatable (read our review), is that they can be slightly more expensive than other companies such as Boiler Central. The other main online installation company to consider would be Warmzilla and you can read our review here.

There are many different boiler options with Boxt and the fact you can spread the cost means that if you need a new boiler today but don’t have the funds ready, Boxt is here to help.

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