Floor standing boiler –All you need to know about floor mounting boilers

viessmann 222-f floor standing boiler

What are floor-standing boilers and are they any good?

Although we have become accustomed to wall-mounted boilers, it has not always been so. The most popular type of boiler in the UK was the floor-standing boiler for a long time.

However, the popularity of the wall-hung boiler grew quickly due to technological advances and smaller households.

However, there are instances when a heating system installed on the floor may still be a viable option particularly if you already have an old floor standing boiler for your central heating system.

This guide will cover all aspects of the floor-standing boiler range to help you decide if it is a good choice for you.

Floor standing boilers offer many advantages

If your old floor standing boiler is broken

A new floor standing boiler replacement should only be considered when someone wants to replace an existing one.

Moving to a wall-mounted combi boiler means a lot of pipework will need to be replaced and hot water tanks and cylinders removed.

This will result in significant costs for heat and water from a wall-mounted solution rather than a floor-standing model.

There are no space restrictions

A utility room or basement might be available to allow you to plan a layout that will fit in a floor-standing boiler. This means that space considerations will not be as important.

It is important to take care that the boiler isn’t in the home living areas.

Biomass as a fuel

A biomass boiler is a great option if you are unable to connect to LPG or the main gas supply and are looking for renewable heating solutions.

Because biomass boilers are large, they should be mounted on the floor. It’s easy to see why these boilers must be placed on the floor.

Disadvantages of boilers that are floor-standing

Floor-standing boilers are often very expensive.

If you think about the biomass solution, the new boiler costs will be around four times as much to purchase these products than top-of-the-line gas boilers.

Even though they are efficient and can have lower running costs, the initial purchase of a new boiler can still be a problem for potential customers.

There is a limited selection

The new boiler manufacturers have had to reduce the number of boilers available as the demand for the floor-standing boiler range for central heating has declined.

However, Potterton Kingfisher, which offers a variety of floor-standing boiler replacements, is a good option.

Space required

Many people find that the most important issue with floor-standing boilers is how much space they take up in their homes.

These boilers are heavy due to their large heat exchangers. While many can fit under your kitchen worktop, that’s still one less.

The limitations of where the flue can go is another challenge. This can create logistical problems for customers when it comes to where the boiler should be placed.

What are the best floor standing boilers?

As you can see, although floor-standing boilers can present some difficulties, there are also some situations in which they can offer distinct advantages.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best floor standing boilers available, and given you an overview of each to help you make up your mind if they are right for you!

Remember to include boiler installation costs for a registered Gas Safe engineer or OFTEC engineer if oil, and removal of your old boiler.

Floor standing can be used for any type of boiler: combi boiler, regular, or system. We have listed our top picks below for each type of boiler.

The Best Floor Standing Combi Boilers

Another option is floor standing combis. A brand-new combination model, which will provide heat and water as needed, is an option.

These are the best floor-standing combi boilers:

Viessmann Vitodens 222-F

Although floor-standing boilers are a reminder of the past, this storage combi boiler is modern and up-to-date.

This model was clearly designed to be easy to use. The energy cockpit will show you how much energy has been generated and used. The 7-inch colour touchscreen is available for all your controls.

There’s also the integrated WiFi interface, which allows internet connection and allows you to adjust the heat from your ViCare app.

You can also run it on LPG or mains gas.

This boiler is unique among its combi counterparts because it has a 100L loading cylinder that can be used for your DHW needs.

So you don’t need to worry about low-pressure, drippy taps while your family goes about their daily routine. This is the advantage of bulky combis: you can store hot water.

Its rather large dimensions (595x600x1400mm (LxWxH) are a drawback. You won’t be able to fit it under your kitchen worktop.

This unit does not include boiler installation. It should be around £2,600.

Worcester Greenstar CDi Highflow CDi 440

This floor-standing unit, Worcester’s answer for Veissman, is 29.2kW and smaller than its Veissman counterpart. It is a slim unit that can be easily slipped under kitchen countertops. The model can also be used with the Bosch EasyControl smart controller.

The Worcester Highflow 440, like most combi boilers, cannot be connected to a solar thermal unit.

Are you having trouble choosing the right boiler for your home? Check out the Best Floor Standing Regular and System Boilers

We thought it would be a good idea to replace the legacy floor-standing boilers with regular models.

Worcester Floor Standing Combi Boilers

Greenstar 30CDi – ErP floor Standing Boiler range

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDi heat-only boiler is a great choice for large homes with high heat demand (15 or more radiators) and DHW. It has a 30kW output, making it a modern, powerful replacement. This device is only 850mm high and measures 600mm in width by 600mm in depth. It can be placed between standard kitchen worktops or under standard worktops.

These are just a few of the coolest features of the Worcester 30-CDi freestanding boiler.

  • You can replace the boiler easily and have installation made easier by using Worcester’s flexible flue.
  • The boiler can be connected to the Bosch EasyControl smart control and app. This will simplify the controls.
  • Frost protection is built into the condensate pipe and pump to keep them warm during winter.
  • This model can be used with Greenskies’ solar thermal panels.
  • You can purchase this boiler for as low as £1,550 to £1,650. Installation is not included.
  • If you don’t have access to the gas mains, LPG models may be available.

Greenstar Danesmoor oil combi boiler

Are you one of those lucky people who live off the UK’s natural gas grid? This floor-standing, oil-fired boiler can replace an old model. The output ranges between 18kW and 32kW depending on which model. Each unit is about the same size as a kitchen appliance and will purr unnoticed under your worktop. It’s also:

  • Greenskies compatible solar thermal panels – this means you have more options to heat greener than oil, which is not the most efficient boiler fuel.
  • Bosch EasyControl compatible.

Prices for the smaller 18kW models start at around £1,600. Installation is not included. The 32kW models will cost you around £2,200.

Ideal Mexico HE

Ideal Boilers have been heating Britain for more than 100 years. The Ideal Mexico HE floorstanding, heat-only models are available in a variety of power outputs, ranging from 16kW up to 38kW. This means you can choose one that is right for your home. The Mexico HE series, like Worcester’s floor standing boilers, are compact and can be placed between appliances or under worktops.

The Ideal Mexico HE series can’t be converted to LPG, unlike many heat-only boilers. This option is only available if you have mains gasoline. However, they are solar compatible.

Grant Vortex oil floor standing boilers

This oil boiler model produces from 21kW, although the manufacturer offers larger versions.

The Vortex Pro Internal Oil Boiler has been designed to improve hot water performance and efficiency. They have a sleek white-cased appearance and are very quiet, making them an ideal choice for utility rooms. The Combi XS model is the smallest in the range and is ideal for those with limited space.

  • Installation by a G1 Installer will provide a 5-year guarantee
  • Available in outputs of 26kW, 21kW, and 36kW
  • Amazing space heating efficiency of 91.7 to 94.5%
  • Vortex Pro Combi XS includes the Vortex Pro Combi XS model. This compact 26kW boiler can be used to replace older oil-fired combis. It is only 515mm in width
  • Large heat exchangers have a low water content and a larger surface area to greatly increase hot water performance.
  • All models include a 24ltr expansion container
  • Use-friendly operation with neon diagnostic indicators

What are Floor Standing Boilers?

These boilers are positioned on the floor. Modern boilers can be wall-mounted, but some boilers are too heavy to be hung on a wall.

Freestanding boilers come in many shapes and sizes and can be run on a variety of fuels. Let’s take a look at the giants of heavy-weight and decide if they are worthy of your precious floor space.

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