Green boilers – Energy saving boilers to save you money

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Green boilers are boilers that are energy efficient. Although there are actually the colour green boilers out there, these are usually external oil boilers, this is not what green boilers are in reference to.

When we say something is green in terms of energy, we all think of eco-friendly and nonpolluting. Let’s take a look at some of the greenest new boilers on the market right now. 

What are energy efficient green boilers?

inside green combi boiler condensing technology

Although boilers that use fossil fuels such as gas and oil can’t actually ever be totally green, they can be made greener. Since condensing technology was introduced to all boilers in 2005 most boilers run at 90% efficiency or more.

Boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Vaillant, and others, are all continually striving to make the most energy-efficient boilers possible.

Which are the best green boilers?

There are different types of boilers that are powered by different fuel sources, so each has there own advantages and disadvantages.

Here we look at the best green boiler types to choose from, each of which has a range of choices for you to pick from.

Greenest boilers – Gas condensing boilers

Although these boilers use gas, they are by far the most energy-efficient, which means that they use up far more of the fuel than the other types on actually heating up your home and hot water. Over 90% of the energy used in burning gas in a condensing boiler is used up in heating your home

What does 90% energy efficient mean?

In money terms, this means that if a boiler uses £10 of energy £9 of that will have actually been used up in heating your home. Compare this to an inefficient boiler that runs at 70% efficiency, which would have used £7 out of the £10 to heat your home.

Other Green boilers – Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers are boilers that usually burn wood or other renewable sources. Biomass boilers are green because they use this energy source but they are wholly inefficient and can be quite costly to run.

green bionmass boiler

They aren’t the most practical either for most homes as they are usually quite large and need constant attention. Biomass boilers are better for homes that are off-grid instead of using oil or electricity. 

How is a biomass boiler a green boiler?

To be green any wood that is burnt by a biomass boiler must be replaced by the planting of trees, otherwise, the renewable benefits of this type of boiler literally go up in smoke.

You can plant trees yourself, but the best way is to ensure that where you are buying your wood or field from are actually making the efforts to re-plant trees in replacement of the fuel.

Are electric boilers green boilers?

strom electric green boiler

Electric boilers could be classed the greenest boilers if they used a renewable energy source such as solar or wind. But, the amount of energy required to heat up water with an electric combi boiler is far more than what these can produce.

Therefore fossil fuels have to be burnt at the power stations in order to generate electricity making them a lot less green.

Are electric boilers green because they are 100% energy efficient?

The fact that electric boilers are 100% energy efficient makes them the most economical boilers on the market. The problem is that they use so much energy when they do.

An electric boiler costs far more to run than a gas boiler. Expect costs of over 4 times the amount of a gas condensing boiler. This just makes them not a green option when it comes to choosing the right boiler.

Hydrogen ready green gas boilers

viessmann hydrogen ready green boilers

The latest type of gas condensing boiler is the hydrogen ready gas boiler. These boilers can run on up to 20% mic of hydrogen and natural gas in the gas network. This means that there will be 20% less gas being burnt and less CO2 emissions.

Although we don’t actually know when they will start introducing hydrogen into the gas supply and how much just yet, we can all prepare by choosing a hydrogen ready boiler next time you need a new gas boiler. When burnt, hydrogen only produces water as a by-product.

What about 100% hydrogen boilers?

100% hydrogen boilers are still in the prototype stage, but this isn’t an issue, as the cost to make hydrogen fuel that can be used in domestic settings is currently very high, and not very green.

100% green hydrogen boiler

Fossil fuels currently have to be used at hydrogen plants to split the hydrogen atoms up and make them into a liquid and usable. This also takes a lot of energy currently using electricity, so whilst hydrogen on its own is green, the process actually isn’t just yet.

So which is the best energy efficient boiler option for my home right now?

The best option right now is a hydrogen-ready gas condensing boiler. Therefore you need to be looking at the following gas boilers. All these hydrogen ready gas boilers come in combi boiler, a system boiler, and conventional boiler types, so they are suitable for most homes in the UK and can fit in kitchen cupboards

viessmann vitodens 050-w

Best green hydrogen ready boilers to buy right now

All these boilers are hydrogen ready to 20% and can easily be changed in a few years’ time if needed to run on 100% hydrogen with a few small changes by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Green boiler costs – How much is a green boiler?

A green new boiler costs between £500 and £2,500 depending on the make and model you choose. If you want a new green boiler, then you can get a green boiler installation for as little as £1,700. 

The best way to get a great price on a new green boiler is to get a fixed price online quote now by simply clicking get a quote. All the boilers will also be hydrogen-ready boilers too for your peace of mind. 

Are heat pumps a green option instead of boilers?

Heat pumps are one of the latest attempts to help the UK become carbon neutral. Whilst heat pumps have their place, they just aren’t that viable in most homes. They are cheaper to run but they don’t have the heating capabilities of gas boilers.

heat pumps green

To ensure that you get the most out of a heat pump you would need to have to do the following things, all of which would be at an expense to you, even with a grant. 

Heat pumps are not a great green option for the following reasons:

  • Cost – They cost over £5,000 to install and you would have to get your walls and floors insulated, add extra radiators and leave them on constantly in winter.
  • Size – They are large units that many smaller homes in the UK would not be able to install.
  • Noise – Noise pollution from a constant fan on heat pumps are known to cause many issues.
  • Electricity prices are rising – As the price of electricity goes up, the benefit of the heat pump goes down. 

Next day green boiler installation

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