Boiler cupboards – Which combi boiler is best for a kitchen cupboard?

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Housing a combi boiler in a kitchen cupboard is one of the most popular things to do in smaller to medium-sized homes, therefore most boiler manufacturers design compact boilers to do exactly that.

Here at new boiler costs, we have compared some of the best compact combi boilers that are hydrogen ready on the market – Perfect for wall-mounted kitchen cupboards.

Boiler Cupboard size – How big does it need to be?

The standard boiler kitchen cupboard varies slightly from model and range. This is mainly so that the kitchens can be designed to fit in almost any home in the UK.

However, you can buy special combi boiler cupboards to fit larger boilers if you can’t have your boiler in a different location.

Boilers Kitchen Cupboards Standard Sizes

Kitchen Cupboard Standard SizesHeight 720mm – 910mmWidth 150mm – 100mmDepth 300mm

Kitchen boiler cupboard – Specifically designed for larger boilers

If you are choosing a new kitchen boiler unit but already have a large boiler in place then you may have to consider a special kitchen boiler cupboard.

These kitchen cupboards are larger than the standard cupboard so that you don’t have to move your boiler which can make the new boiler costs expensive.

Take a look at the dimensions of these wall-mounted cupboards to see if they can fit around your current larger boiler.

Cupboard boiler housing unit sizes

Kitchen Cupboard Boiler sizes720mm – 985mm high500mm – 600mm width300mm – 460mm deep

Best Compact Combi Boilers For Kitchen Cupboards

boiler kitchen cupboard ideal logic

If you already have the kitchen cabinet that you want to keep and need a replacement boiler that can fit inside, then here are some great options for you.

Many heating system manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Viessmann and Baxi all make compact boilers suitable for kitchen units.

Combi boiler for kitchen cupboards

Here is a list of modern boilers that are perfect for standard kitchen cupboard sizes

All these boilers are classed as smaller boilers and are designed to be able to fit in most standard kitchen units. We always say you must check before you choose a new boiler to see if it will fit.

The Viessmann Vitodens 050 even came top in our best combi boiler review.

Can you put a boiler in a kitchen cupboard?

Yes absolutely, the kitchen cabinet is a great space to hide a boiler, especially when space is lacking in smaller homes.

You do however have to adhere to some of the safety regulations but these are easily achieved.

boiler kitchen cupboard inbetween

There are the more obvious things like you have to have easy access to the boiler unit and pipework and enough space to be able to service or fix the boiler if required. But you also need to ensure the cupboard meets fire safety standards.

Kitchen cupboard boiler regulations and safety check

Here is a quick guide to some of the main things you need to take into consideration when putting a boiler in a kitchen cupboard:

  • Sufficient space and easily accessible for servicing, maintenance and repairs of the boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Sufficient ventilation to allow the boiler to heat up and cool down properly.
  • The cupboard meets fire safety standards
  • At least 50mm between the boiler and the cupboard
  • The boiler must be fitted properly following the instruction manual

Boiler cover to box off pipework in kitchens

Most boilers that you put in your unit will need to have the pipes boxed off too. This can be easily done by a good joiner to make it look more attractive.

This can all be down are part of the cover when you house the boiler. There are many ideas for boiler cupboards online too. When you get your boiler quote, you can always ensure that you get the dimensions first, but some may need clearance above and below for pipework and air to circulate.

Kitchen boiler cupboard ideas

If you are looking for ideas on how to house your boiler in your kitchen then we have plenty of ideas that could help you in or out of a cupboard. Some of these are listed below:

  • Get a custom vinyl boiler wrap
  • Paint the boiler
  • House it in a normal cupboard so it’s unseen
  • Move it somewhere else such as the loft
boiler kitchen cupboard viessmann 050-w

Where to put a boiler in a kitchen – Conclusion

Putting a boiler in your kitchen with your other appliances is a great idea and one of the most popular places to choose in the UK.

It is a great way to ensure you have more storage and can create space if you are moving a boiler from another room.

Always consider which way the hinges are on and the door opens when installing the unit.

Compare boilers for kitchen cupboards

If you need a new boiler that you want to put in a kitchen cabinet then you can compare boiler quotes them online with companies such as boiler central. You can even find out how much a new boiler costs in under 20 seconds.

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