Main boiler reviews

Main boiler reviews – How good is the Main eco compact range?

Main is part Baxi boilers, which are owned by the larger BDR Thermea Group. The company boasts a 75-year history of producing boilers that are reliable, efficient, and value-oriented.

Through quality service and technical support, the brand offers a simple customer experience. The boilers are also environmentally and economically sustainable and are energy-saving trust endorsed.

Main is part of a global conglomerate that allows it to do extensive research and finance to develop bespoke heating and boiler solutions.

Why should you buy a main boiler?

Main is taking a different approach when it comes to boilers. Main is taking a different approach to boilers. While some brands try to make their boilers more complicated, which makes them less usable, Main has chosen a simpler method that homeowners will appreciate.

The range of boilers they offer is straightforward and upfront. They are simple to install and use. The boilers don’t require any extra accessories and are therefore more affordable. This approach ensures that you get the best price and a boiler that is reliable and offers a better user experience.

Main Boiler Prices

Main has been focusing on making affordable boilers. Their new boiler can be stripped down to its essentials and the price is reduced. Buyers get high-quality, high-performance boilers at lower prices.

The cost of a Main boiler is between £500 to £720. They are affordable and allow every homeowner to benefit from the many benefits of a boiler. Their new boilers are popular not only with buyers but also with installers. A new combi boiler is simple to install and maintain, which allows you to save money on installation.

Main boilers are high-efficiency boilers that allow you to save money even after your boiler is installed. Main boilers are the best option for those who fear the high cost of running a boiler. They can be installed in your home and you will enjoy all the benefits of a low-cost boiler.

After you have chosen your boiler, make sure you find a Gas Safe registered engineer who can help you with installation. We will send you a short inquiry and qualified installers in your area will provide you with a new boiler quote for the installation of a Main boiler by clicking get a quote.

Why choose a main combi boiler?

Main combi boilers allow you to have the attention of a small business and the dedication of a large conglomerate. Main is a company that has strong ties with its customers and offers them bespoke boilers to solve their heating problems.

BDR Thermea Group gives small companies access to funding and research. This allows them to improve their products and provide technical support for their customers.

Each boiler in the Main combi boiler and system boiler series is specifically designed to address specific heating problems. These boilers are lightweight, easy-to-install keeping installation costs down, highly efficient, and simple to service.

You also get technical support with the new boiler so that you can rest better at night knowing that the manufacturer is only a phone call away in the event you have any questions about your boiler.

The Benefits of Choosing A Main Boiler

These are the benefits you can enjoy if you choose to install a Main boiler.


The output of the boiler that you choose will depend on your home’s size and how much hot water you use. You can choose from a 15, 18, 25, 25 or 30kW boiler to heat your home. It’s easy to find the right boiler for you with such a wide range of options.

Simple, straightforward design

Main boilers eliminate all unnecessary fluff and concentrate on what is important. This results in a compact boiler that is lightweight and easy to service.

The Main Eco Compact Combi boiler is a combination boiler that heats water directly from mains. This means there are no loft tanks or hot water storage cylinders required for the boiler to work. The Main Eco Compact Combi boiler does not require additional components. This makes it a great choice for homes with limited storage. A combi boiler is a great option for a small bathroom. Combi boilers are not able to handle high hot water demands and can’t support multiple showers or baths at once.

The Main Eco Compact Combi is available in either a 25kW or a 30kW output. You need to decide which size will best suit your needs. The boiler’s output should be able to handle your higher demands. Asking a Gas Safe registered engineer which size boiler would best suit your home and needs is a smart idea.

Main Eco Compact combi boiler overview

  • Expect to pay between £515-£540
  • Heating output of 25kW and 30kW
  • Hot water flow rates between 10.2 and 12.2 litres/minute
  • Dimensions: 700mm (H), x 390mm(W), x 285mm [D].
  • Gas is used as its fuel source
  • Efficiency rating: A
  • Standard 5-year warranty

Main combi ECO combi boilers

While it is important to look at reliability and quality when buying a boiler, the Main Eco Compact Combi boiler is very affordable. The boiler is energy-efficient and has many great features. Plus, the warranty is quite good for a combi. The only problem is Main’s below-average Which? review score. The brand score is a concern. You might want to review the test results to find out what customers and engineers have to say about this boiler before making a decision.

Main features

  • Gas combi boilers are significantly cheaper than other brands
  • Combi boiler ideal for small and medium-sized houses
  • Fits in a compact cupboard
  • Installation, use, and maintenance are simple
  • Boiler Plus certified and Energy Saving Trust approved
  • Low NOx emissions – Class 5
  • Maximize energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Compatible with Baxi uSense smart heating thermostat – Control heating via smart device
  • 5-year warranty

Main Eco Compact system boilers

The new Main Eco Compact System boiler fitted in a cupboard is the ideal choice for homes that have more than one bathroom to provide hot water.

It’s easy to install and service with front access to all components. The five-year warranty*, attractive looks, and simple controls make this the ideal choice for homeowners.

  • Choose from 15kW or 18kW
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty
  • Boiler Plus compliant
  • Energy Saving Trust Adopted
  • 28kg Lift Weight
  • Fits in a compact cupboard
  • Low NOx emissions – Class 5 (the best)
  • Brass hydraulics block
  • Top central flue
  • Stand-off frame available
  • Certified to work with 20% hydrogen

Why buy a main boiler?

Main has been making boilers for over 75 years. This milestone is a great accomplishment. Main has conducted countless surveys to improve its products. They also make boilers that are attractive to installers and buyers. They now have a range of boilers that are both affordable and highly effective, which can be used to meet the specific needs of each home.

Main Boiler Warranty

Main stands up for its customers by offering a warranty on any boiler purchased. The boiler you choose will determine the length of your warranty, which can be between 3 and 5 years. You must comply with the terms and conditions to be eligible for warranty cover. The warranty will expire after 12 months if you fail to comply with their terms and conditions.

Main offers a longer warranty on boilers than many companies that charge premiums for theirs. This is a sign of the trust Main has in their products. This means that you can rest easy at night knowing your boiler is safe and sound in the event of an emergency. Although the warranty is only 5 year parts and labour warranty, this is factored in to the main boiler prices.

Extension of the warranty

The installer loyalty program, called Baxi Works, allows you to extend the warranty on your Main boiler. You can get extended warranties for the same boiler if you are a member of this program and you will enjoy greater comfort and convenience.

What is covered under the warranty?

Main will replace or repair any faulty parts provided your boiler is still under warranty. Parts must be proved to be defective within 30 days of their manufacture.

Main Warranty Terms & Conditions

A boiler warranty is not enough. To keep your warranty valid for the entire period, you must adhere to all terms and conditions as set forth by the manufacturer. You must have your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer when you have Mains.

A qualified engineer must also install the boiler. The warranty will expire 12 months after you have failed to comply with the conditions.

How do I register my Main boiler warranty

The installer or you can register the warranty for the new Main boiler with Baxi within thirty days of installation. You can register your warranty online at Main’s website.

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