Vokera Easi-heat Plus Combi Boiler Review

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Vokera Easi-heat plus combi boiler review -How good is it?

The Vokera Easi-heat plus combi boiler is a low-cost heating solution for small to medium-sized homes in the UK. Very attractively priced at around £500 this combi boiler is very popular for people looking for a quick and easy boiler replacement that saves them money from the start.

This energy-efficient boiler is compact and lightweight so it is great for replacement boiler kitchen cupboards. 

Vokera Easi-heat Plus Combi Boiler Reviews specification highlights

vokera easi-heat plus combi review
  • Vokera Easi-heat Plus boiler price – From £1,499 with installation
  • Available in combi boiler, system boiler & heat only boilers
  • Combi boiler outputs – 25kW & 29kW
  • Dimensions – 795mm x 405mm x 248mm
  • Gas Condensing Boilers
  • Energy efficiency rating – A
  • Flow Rate – From 10.2 l/min
  • Up to 5 years warranty

Vokera Easi-heat plus 25c and 29c combi boiler review 

Vokera boilers are classed as budget boilers. But don’t mistake this for them being cheap, even though their price tag may suggest this. They are great boilers and have their place in the boiler market as they provide a low-cost boiler solution to many homes in the UK every year. Their slimline design makes them perfect for kitchen cupboards and the ease of installation makes them a heating engineers dream. You can get one of these boilers installed for under £1500, which is almost unheard of.  

Vokera Easi-heat plus combi boiler dimensions – Perfect kitchen cupboard fit


The Vokera Easi-heat dimensions as you can see are compact and slimline. They aren’t as compact as some of the other boilers such as the Baxi 600 but then they are around £300 cheaper to buy or install. We always suggest that you measure up first before installing a new boiler in a cupboard.  

vokera easi-heat plus combi boiler review inside

Vokera Easi-heat plus combi boiler – How good is it?

Vokera may not have the pedigree of some of its rivals but they are still good boilers. They have been known to be a little less reliable than their more expensive counterparts, but you do get 5-year parts and labour warranty which covers you as long as you get the boiler serviced every year. The Easi-heat plus does its job well, it’s not fancy and doesn’t come with high spec but this is reflected in the price. 

How much is a Vokera Easi-heat plus combi boiler?

The Vokera Easi-heat plus 25c combi boiler on its own can be bought for £490. The Vokera Easi-heat plus 29c combi boiler costs around £550 to buy. If you are looking for full boiler replacement costs including parts and labour then expect to pay around £1,450 for everything. You can still pay monthly for this boiler too which will make your monthly repayments very low.

Vokera Easi-heat plus 25c price 

The Easi-heat plus 25c is the cheapest combi boiler in the range and a new boiler cost around £490. This combi boiler is perfect for smaller homes with one bathroom and a lack of space due to its compact size. If you like the sound of this cost-effective boiler ensure that your home doesn’t have too high a hot water demand as it may struggle

Vokera Easi-plus 29c price

The price of the Vokera Easi-heat plus 29c combi boiler is slightly higher as it is a more powerful boiler that costs around £550. These combi boilers are suited to small to medium-sized homes with one bathroom. If you have 2 bathrooms or higher hot water demand you may want to consider a more powerful boiler like the Alpha E-Tec plus which costs about £100 more. 

Vokera Easi-heat plus Combi Price Table

Vokera Easi-heat Plus 25cCombi boiler25kw£490
Vokera Easi-heat Plus 29cCombi boiler29kw£550

The main features of the Vokera Easi-heat combi boilers

One of the main features of this boiler is its slimline dimensions and simple design. This is a no-frills boiler with a no-frills prices tag, so don’t expect the world from this boiler, but as with anything that cost less, as long as it does what it says it will then you can be happy, and with the Easi-heat plus it will live up to expectations. If you included the price tag as a feature of this boiler then this may be the reason you buy this boiler.

vokera easi-heat plus combi boiler review side view

Compact combi boiler

Designed to fit in kitchen cupboards, this slimline boiler is compact and easy to install. This ease of installation ensures that it is capable of slotting into the tight spaces sometimes required when replacing a boiler. One other added benefit is how light this boiler is too making it also easier to install.

Vokera Easi-heat Energy-efficient boiler

This boiler runs at a 93% energy efficiency which makes it the absolute minimum required and an A-rated boiler. By installing an energy-efficient boiler such as this you can save yourself over £300 per year on your gas and electricity bills. 

Easy to install

This combi boiler is given Vokera standard fittings so if you already have a Vokera boiler and want a direct replacement, then this combi boiler is ideal and easy to change over. Then the lightweight design also helps with any load-bearing and getting this boiler into the right position. 

5 Year parts and labour warranty

vokera easi-heat plus system boiler review

The Vokera Easi-heat plus 5-year warranty includes both parts and labour which is what you would want from a reputable boiler company in case anything went wrong or your boiler breaks down. As long as you service your boiler every year for the first 5 years you will be covered by the warranty if anything happens and not pay a penny extra. 

Vokera Easi-heat system boilers for larger homes

For larger homes in the UK, the Vokera Easi-heat system boiler range would be more ideal. These system boilers required a hot water tank to work so ensure that you have a hot water cylinder already or you are prepared to pay the extra costs to have a tank installed. 

Vokera Easi-heat Plus system boiler prices without hot water cylinders

Vokera Easi-heat Plus 24sSystem boiler24kw£490
Vokera Easi-heat Plus 30sSystem boiler30kw£550

Vokera Easi-heat heat only regular boilers

vokera easi-heat plus heat only boiler review

As much as heat only boilers are becoming less and less popular, Vokera still manufactures some great low-cost heat only boilers. The Easi-heat heat only boilers are great budget options that work with hot water cylinders and cold water tanks in larger properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Vokera Easi heat plus boiler reviews verdict

Vokera are one of the most recognised budget boiler brands as their boilers are simple to install and easy to use. It’s not one of the best combi boilers on the market, but they are reliable and come with a 5year warranty, which when you take into consideration their low prices means that they could be a quick low-cost heating solution for many people in the UK. Let’s take a look at how the Easiheat plus scored in our review. 

Vokera Easiheat performance review – 8/10

The Easiest plus is a decent boiler. It does everything you would expect of a boiler in its price range. This entry-level boiler can easily keep any small to medium-sized homes warm and provide them with instant hot water as and when you need it. Its not the best performing budget boiler but you get what you pay for. 

Vokera Easi heat reliability review – 7/10

The Easi-heat range is one of Vokera’s better boilers, but unfortunately, Vokera’s are built on a budget so budget parts and methods are used to put this boiler together so issues have arisen with past Vokera boilers, but owners seem to be happy with their purchases. Given their simple design, they are easy to mend so this is a positive. 

Vokera Easiheat Plus combi price review – 8.5/10

One of the cheapest boilers on the market at around £1,500 with installation, the Easiheat plus is a steal and a great quick and cheap fix for anyone who wants to save a penny or two on their next boiler replacement. You could however pay £100 or so more and get an Alpha E-tec plus that comes with a 10 years parts and labour warranty which is much better value.   

vokera easi-heat plus boiler review 5 year warranty

Vokera Easi-heat Plus 5 year warranty – 8/10

The Vokera Easi-heat plus 5-year warranty includes parts and labour so you can be sure you will have no extra to pay if you have a boiler break down or any issues with your boiler during this time. You will however have to ensure that you service the boiler every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer

Vokera Easi-heat boilers review overall score 8/10

We hope the this review of the Vokera Easi-heat has helped make your decision on whether this is the right boiler for you and your home.The Easi-heat is a low priced boiler that has its place firmly in the budget boiler market and is a popular oiler for its compact dimensions and ease of installation in tight spots. If you already have a Vokera boiler, then the Easi-heat will slot in as a great replacement easily and quickly.

Vokera Easi-heat plus boiler reviews summary – Compare Boilers & Save

Vokera boilers are manufactured by Riello which are an Italian heating brand. They manufacturer thousands of boilers every year across Europe and have been doing so for many years. These boilers are at the cheaper end of the scale and don’t have the reliability of some of the other brands such as Worcester Bosch or Viessmann, but they do give people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a boiler a better option. We would recommend that you could spend £150- £200 more and get a Worcester 2000. You can get a quote for any of these boilers online now by simply clicking get a quote. 

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