Baxi boiler service

A Baxi boiler can last between 10 and 15 years with proper maintenance which would usually include an annual service.

An annual boiler service by a Gas Safe technician is the most important part of maintenance. This will ensure that it runs safely and efficiently. ensuring your heating bills are kept as low as possible

What is a Baxi boiler service?

To ensure your Baxi boiler is operating safely and efficiently, a heating engineer must visit your house to perform a boiler service. If you have a gas boiler, a Gas Safe registered engineer should perform this service once per year.

You will need to locate a Gas Safe registered engineer to service Baxi boilers. This means that they are legally permitted to work with gas appliances in the UK. Check the Gas Safe Register website to verify that an engineer has been registered. You should also ask for their Gas Safe ID card whenever they visit your boiler to service it.

Baxi boiler service cost

A Baxi boiler service currently costs £108 if you go direct. You can however get this much cheaper with other companies. It also depends on where you live but you can get a boiler service for as little as £85. You could book your Baxi boiler service with one of our recommended Gas Safe registered companies now. You could also set up a service plan from as little as £6.99 a month

Why servicing your Baxi boiler is so important


An annual boiler service should be about safety. It can expose potential fatal problems like a carbon monoxide leaking. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause illness, brain damage, and even death.

You should immediately contact an engineer if you are concerned that carbon monoxide may be coming from your Baxi boiler. The pilot light should not glow yellow or blue, and you shouldn’t wait for your next service.

Keep heating bills low

You will be motivated to maintain your annual service appointment if your heating bills are low. To ensure maximum efficiency, the engineer will inspect all parts of your boiler.

Prevent breakdowns

Even the smallest problem could become a big problem. A boiler service should be scheduled each year to bring any minor problems to the attention of a professional engineer. This will prevent costly repairs.

Do not lose the Baxi boiler warranty

Baxi boilers come with a standard warranty of 2, 5, or 7 years. However, in certain cases, this can be extended up to 10 years. Baxi will pay for all parts and labor costs of any repairs during the Baxi boiler warranty period. To keep your warranty valid, you must have the boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer.

A visual inspection will be performed to make sure that the boiler is correctly installed. The engineer will inspect your boiler to ensure it is working properly and point out any problems. They will then remove the boiler case to inspect its components. They will inspect the boiler to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

These are the things that an engineer will inspect:

  • Proper gas pressure and flow
  • Flue gas analysis and combustion. To ensure that the boiler is burning the correct mixture of gaseous and air, and that the flue does not become blocked, a flue gas analyser is used.
  • Good condition electrical connections
  • Fans and other key components work efficiently
  • Seals can be kept intact
  • The condition of the electrodes is excellent
  • Safety devices are inspected
  • Condensate trap is open and pipe is unblocked
  • Pipework for water and gas

During their inspections, the engineer should inform you of any boiler problems. The engineer should explain any maintenance or repairs they are required to make and ensure that any parts purchased come from a reliable manufacturer, perhaps from the boiler manufacturer.

A boiler service should take approximately half an hour. You should also receive a complete report. You should only sign the report if you are satisfied with all aspects of the boiler service.

Service plans for Baxi boilers

A boiler service and boiler coverage plan is a great option for owners with boilers older than 8 years and not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This will ensure that the boiler doesn’t need to be repaired. The service cost can be broken down into monthly payments over the course a year. This is a more costly way to pay for a service, but it can be more financially sensible for some.

Baxi offers a variety of support and maintenance plans, including plans for boilers that are either out of warranty or in-service. These plans are available starting at PS17.50 per monthly and cover annual servicing or protection of your central heating system and boiler when it’s not under warranty.

Baxi Boiler maintenance

To keep your boiler running at its best all year, you will need to perform some basic maintenance.

How often should your Baxi boiler be serviced?

Your boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer once per year. This is to ensure that your boiler works properly and is safe. This also protects your boiler warranty.

What is the best way to service a Baxi boiler?

Book a boiler service here for as little as £85. An engineer who is Gas Safe certified will inspect your boiler and other gas appliances. You can sign up for our boiler cover plans if you would like an annual service that you pay monthly for which include a Baxi boiler service or just a Baxi boiler service plan

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