Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house worcester 4000

The best boiler for your home depends on the size of your home. You need to get the right-sized boiler or output (kW) to enable your boiler to work efficiently when heating your hot water and controlling your central heating system. Let’s take a look at how to decide on the perfect boiler for a 3 bedroom house and give you some good examples of the brands and models available. 

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house

The best boiler sizes for homes with 3 bedrooms range between 29kW and 35kW. This is mainly for combi boilers as they are the most common types of boilers for 3 bedroom homes. If you have a system boiler you can have a lower output of around 15kW to 25 kW. System boilers require a tank, so homes with 3 bedrooms don’t tend to have the space for the external hot water tank. 

What is the best boiler for a 3 bedroom house?

Here are some of the best combi boilers for a house with 3 bedrooms. All these combi boilers are compact and do not require an external hot water tank to work.  

Baxi Ecoblue +Combi Boiler33 kW
Ideal VogueCombi Boiler32 kW
Ideal Vogue MaxCombi Boiler32 kW
Viessmann Vitodens 050-WCombi Boiler30 kW
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000Combi Boiler30 kW
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000Combi Boiler30 kW
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000Combi Boiler30 kW

Different boilers for different property sizes

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house viessmann vitodens 050 w

Here is our guide to show you which output is best for which type of house. This is strictly a guide and if you are uncertain or have very specific needs or requirements it is always best to get in touch with an engineer. 

  • 24kW – 28kW combi boilers are great for up to 2 bedroom houses. This includes but is not limited to flats and apartments or terraces houses with up to 2 bedrooms, 8 radiators and one bathroom. 
  • 29kW – 35kW combi boilers are great for average-sized homes. This includes 3 bedroom homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms. If you have 2 bathrooms you may want to consider a boiler at 35kW
  • 36kW – 50kW combi boilers are designed for homes with 20 radiators or more and 2 to 3 bathrooms. If you have more than 4 bathrooms you may want to consider a system boiler. 

Combi boilers for 3 bedroom house

A combination boiler, which is better known as a combi boiler for short is a very clever boiler that heats your hot water up and controls your central heating all from a single unit. They have become more and more powerful as time has passed and are a lot more capable of delivering hot water to up to 2 taps at a time. If you have really high hot water demand though, a combi boiler may not be able to keep up.

Top Combi boilers for 3 bed homes in the UK

These are some of the best selling combi boilers for 3 bedroom homes in the UK. These replacement boilers have outputs within the recommended boiler size or output

Ideal Logic 30 combi boiler

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house ideal logic 30

With an output of 30kW, the Ideal Logic combi boiler is an ideal boiler for the average 3 bedroom home. This means it will be capable of keeping your home warm all year round and able to provide you with instant hot water as and when you need it without any problems. Being the right sized boiler means this Ideal Logic 30 will help keep running costs down. The Ideal Logic 30 is perfect for most standard-sized kitchen cupboards too. There is a standard 5-year warranty with this boiler, but you can get a 

Worcester 4000 30kW

The brand new Worcester 4000 30kW has quickly become one of the best selling boilers of 2021. Since it is replacing the old Greenstar i range which is renowned for energy efficiency and reliability, it was always going to be a perfect boiler for 3 bedroom homes. This boiler is a bit bigger than the Logic C30 so you may want to check measurements if you are putting it in a kitchen cupboard. You also get a great 10-year warranty with this boiler.

Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 30kw

The Viessmann Vitodens 050-w has been revamped for 2021 with new technology including hydrogen ready capabilities and built-in Wifi. The 30kW 050-w is perfect for 3 bedroom homes and kitchen cupboards. You also get a nice 10-year warranty to go with it for your peace of mind. 

Combi boiler or system boiler for 3 bedroom house

If you are unsure whether you need a combi boiler or system boiler for a 3 bedroom house then there are some things you need to take into consideration:

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom house gas safe register
  • If you already have a combi boiler and it works fine, keep it that way. It will keep the new boiler cost down.
  • Similarly, if you have a system boiler and it works fine, you can keep that too, especially if you have 4 or more people in your home. 
  • If there are only 2 people in your home and you have a system boiler, then you may want to consider changing to a combi if you want to free up cupboard space and it may be more economical
  • If you have a combi boiler that is struggling in your home, you may want to consider a more powerful combi before adding a system boiler and hot water tank.
  • If you decide you need a system boiler over a combi boiler, ensure that you have large cupboard space for a hot water cylinder.

Best boiler for a 3 bedroom home review

Hopefully, we have been able to provide you with enough information for you to be able to decide which boiler is best for a 3 bedroom home. You can always check online using a free online quotation tool such as on the Boiler Central website and get boilers suitable to your home in under 20 seconds. It’s free and you can compare prices too. Everyone’s home is slightly different but there is a boiler out there for every situation.

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