Boiler replacement guide for gas boilers

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How to get a boiler replacement in the UK

Luckily boiler replacement does not come around that often. A new boiler lasts around 10 to 15 years if it has been looked after properly.

If you are unfortunate enough to need a new one, then we are here to help you find the right replacement boiler for your home.

Boiler replacement across the UK for gas boilers

The actual replacement boiler itself in the UK is a large part of the cost, but the actual job of installing and replacing your old boiler with a new one is usually the largest part of your bill. UK boiler replacement generally takes between 1 to 3 days depending on the work required.

Replacement boilers – What you need to know

There are many new replacement boilers to choose from. There are over 20 different manufacturers all offering different models in different outputs all with different energy efficiency ratings. Choosing the best boiler for your home at the right price can be a bit of a minefield. But we are here to help you replace your boiler.

Replacing a boiler – What to consider about your home

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Replacing an old inefficient boiler? Here is a quick overview of the things you will need to consider about your current boiler, your home and the costs involved:

  • Do you definitely need a replacement boiler
  • What type of boiler you currently have (combi, system, conventional, oil, etc)
  • Output required to meet your hot water demands
  • How big is your home
  • Do you want to move your boiler
  • Do you want to change the boiler type (eg system to combi boiler)
  • How much you are willing to spend
  • Do you want to spread the cost of your new boiler with finance

Brand new boiler replacement – The details and how to get it

All these points are looked at in more detail in the rest of our replacement boiler guide. But if you want to get a quick quote on a new boiler installation suitable for your home you can do so online in under 20 seconds with companies such as Boiler Central. Everything is included, the brand new boiler, full installation and warranty. 

Replacement boilers for your home

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Replacement boilers have come a long way in recent years. Some new boilers have built-in Wifi, some can fill themselves up and some are capable of burning other fuels such as hydrogen as we move towards a greener future. These may sound expensive, but they really are within everyone’s reach. Let’s see why you should or shouldn’t replace your boiler

Should you replace your boiler with a new boiler?

Here is our guide to the reasons you should get a replacement boiler. If after reading this you think it is unnecessary and you don’t need a boiler fitting then great, but if you think a new boiler is a good idea then we hope we have helped. Energy-efficient boilers can make a big difference to gas bills, and it is reported that changing from a G rated boiler to an A-rated condensing boiler can save you £340 per year as per the energy saving trust.

Reasons to get a replacement gas boiler now

Boiler Breakdown

This is the most obvious reason to get a new boiler. If your old boiler can’t be mended or is beyond economical repair then it may be a cheaper option to replace your boiler with a new one. 

boiler replacement new boilers vaillant

Energy Efficiency

As boilers get older they do become less energy efficient, even with a yearly service. If your boiler is over 10 years old your gas bills may start to creep up, so a new boiler could save you money in the long term. All new condensing boilers work at over 90% efficiency and have an energy rating of A or above. 

Frequent Boiler Problems

If you’re persistently having issues with your boiler and spending money on a gas engineer attending your home 2 or 3 times a year, then it may be time to think about boiler replacement. The issues are unlikely to stop and potentially could end up being beyond economical repair at some point in the future anyway.

Leaking Boiler

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Another obvious one that should be mended pretty much immediately if possible as it could lead to more problems in the future, not just with your boiler. We strongly suggest a replacement boiler if you cant fix the boiler leak. 

Selling your property or renting it out

If you have an old boiler in your home but you are thinking of selling your house then you could add some value to your home with a brand new replacement boiler. If you are thinking of renting out your property, a new boiler that is more efficient could save you money on bills if bills are included in a tenants rent.

Moving your boiler system

If you’re considering moving your current boiler for whatever reason then you may want to look at replacing your boiler at the same time. The cost to move a boiler is quite high, so if you just pay for a new boiler at the same time, you can save on new boiler installation costs. 

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Gas boilers for your home – how to decide which is the right size and output

Deciding on the best new boiler for your home funnily enough depends on your home. These include the size of your home. Small homes such as 1 bedroom flat or 2 bedroom terraces with one bathroom will need a different boiler to a 5 bedroom detached house with 3 bathrooms. 

Recommended replacement combi boiler outputs

Smaller Homes1–3 bedrooms7–10 radiators1 bathroom20–29kW
Medium-sized homes3–4 bedrooms11–15 radiators1–2 bathrooms30–35kW
Large homes4+ bedrooms16–20 radiators2+ bathrooms36–60kW

Main factors that decide the right gas boiler for homes in the UK

Hot water demand

boiler replacement new boilers tank

A single person living on their own will obviously use less water than a 2 parent family with 2 or 3 grown-up teenagers. A small new boiler would be perfect for a single person, whereas a more powerful new combi boiler or even system boiler would be better for the family. 

Size of your home

The size of your home hugely affects the type of replacement boiler your need. If you have a flat with around 5-8 radiators you will only need a smaller boiler. If you have a larger home with many rooms and over 15 radiators, you will need a high output combi boiler or a system or regular boiler. If you choose an energy-efficient boiler but it’s not capable of heating your home properly then it will be using more energy than required trying to keep up.

Spare space in your home

boiler replacement new boilers with solar

Again this all depends on the size of your home, but if you have a system boiler that has a hot water tank, but you want to get rid of this tank, you could change to a combi boiler if your hot water demand has changed. This could be a good option if you have had children who have left home and hot water demand has decreased and you want to make use of the cupboard space. 

Solar energy heating capabilities

As we move towards trying to cut greenhouse gasses and our carbon footprint, some homes can use their solar panels to help save them money on their bills. Solar panels aren’t strong enough to completely power a boiler but can assist. There are only certain boilers that are solar compatible so you must check the new boiler is compatible first. System boilers are the best for solar heating. 

New gas boiler replacement and getting a quote

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Gas boiler replacement is the most common new boiler installation in the UK. Most people are part of the national gas network and there are hundreds, if not thousands of boilers installed in the UK every day. If you need a replacement gas boiler but are unsure which to choose, you can answer a few quick questions about your home online and get a fixed price quote on new gas boilers.

Types of Boiler Replacement you can choose from

There are 3 main types of replacement gas boilers in the UK. Gas combi boilers, gas system boilers and gas regular boilers. All these gas boilers can be installed easily, professionally and efficiently by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Let’s take a look at what each brand new boiler replacement involves to ensure that you get the right boiler for your home.

How long to replace a boiler?

Current BoilerReplacement BoilerInstallation TypeMove RequiredDays Required
Combi BoilerCombi BoilerCombi Boiler ReplacementNo1 Day
Combi BoilerCombi BoilerCombi Boiler ReplacementYes1 Day
System BoilerSystem BoilerSystem Boiler ReplacementNo1 Day
System BoilerSystem BoilerSystem Boiler ReplacementYes1 Day
System BoilerCombi BoilerCombi Boiler ConversionNo1-2 Days
System BoilerCombi BoilerCombi Boiler ConversionYes1-2 Days
Regular BoilerRegular BoilerRegular Boiler ReplacementNo1 Day
Regular BoilerRegular BoilerRegular Boiler ReplacementYes1 Day
Regular BoilerCombi BoilerCombi Boiler conversionNo1-2 Days
Back BoilerCombi BoilerBack Boiler ReplacementYes1-3 Days

Combi boiler replacement is the most common type in the UK

A combi boiler replacement is one of the quickest and easiest new boilers to install. It is just a single unit that provides hot water to your taps and central heating system all from the unit itself. There are no separate hot water tanks or cold water tanks with a combi boiler.

Replacing a combi boiler – What is involved?

If you need to replace your combi boiler with another combi boiler then this should take no more than a day. Any competent gas Safe registered engineer should have your new combi boiler installed and working with no issues. If you are moving your combi boiler then this may take longer but should still be done in a day. 

Changing a combi boiler – Pros and cons

boiler replacement new boilers worcester bosch 4000


  • Easy to install
  • New combi boilers are more efficient
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Compact – can fit in kitchen cupboards
  • No hot water cylinder or cold water expansion tank
  • Instant hot water
  • Cheap to run and maintain


  • Do not work well with low water pressure
  • Can’t cope with high water demand
  • You can only use 1 tap at once effectively

New replacement combi boilers – Get a quote online

If you need a new combi boiler but you are unsure which to get, you can get a quick online quote with a fixed price online now. With companies such as Boiler central you can get a new energy-efficient boiler installed the next day by simply answering a few questions about your current boiler and your home. You can even spread the cost of the boiler and installation with their boiler finance options.

Replacement Gas Combi Boilers

New boiler MakeNew boiler modelReplacement boiler typeOutput
IdealLogic PlusCombi Boiler30 kW
IdealVogue MaxCombi Boiler26 kW
ViessmannVitodens 050-WCombi Boiler29 kW
ViessmannVitodens 100-WCombi Boiler30 kW
Worcester BoschGreenstar 2000Combi Boiler25 kW
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000Combi Boiler25 kW
Worcester BoschGreenstar 8000 StyleCombi Boiler30 kW
boiler replacement new boilers system boiler tank

System boiler replacement which require a hot water tank

If you already have a system boiler then replacing a system boiler is the most cost-effective thing to do. You can simply have your boiler replaced and use any current hot water cylinders with your new one. System boilers are fantastic for high hot water demand as they store lots of hot water in the hot water tanks ready for you to use. 

Replacing a system boiler – What’s involved?

If you have decided that you want a new system boiler then you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install your boiler. If you are just replacing the boiler unit and not the hot water tank, then this should take no longer than a day. If you are replacing a hot water cylinder then this could take longer than a day and will also cost considerably more.

Changing a system boiler – Pros and cons

boiler replacement new boilers ideal logic


  • Compact boiler unit
  • Great for high hot water demand
  • Great for larger homes with lots of radiators
  • Capable of using 2 or more taps at once with good pressure
  • Good for home with low water pressure


  • Can be less efficient than combi boilers
  • Installation costs can be higher 
  • Extra space required for the hot water cylinder
  • If the hot water tank is emptied, you will have to wait for it to be full again. 

New replacement system boilers – Get a quote online

If you need a new system boiler then why not get a fixed price quote online in under 20 seconds. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your home and current boiler and you can get a new system boiler installed the next day. Simply visit Boiler Central where prices are also cheaper as there is no salesman to pay as everything is done online. 

Replacement System Gas Boilers

IdealLogic+ SystemSystem Boiler15 kWA Rated
IdealLogic Max SystemSystem Boiler15 kWA Rated
IdealVogue SystemSystem Boiler15 kWA Rated
IdealVogue Max SystemSystem Boiler15 kWA Rated
Worcester BoschGreenstar 12iSystem Boiler12kWA Rated
Worcester BoschGreenstar 15iSystem Boiler15kWA Rated
Worcester BoschGreenstar 18iSystem Boiler18kWA Rated

Regular gas boiler replacement with hot and cold water tanks

Regular gas boilers are becoming less and less common, as system boilers are just as capable without the need for a cold water tank. They are great however for areas with low water pressure and homes with high hot water demand. Replacing a regular or heat only boiler as they are also called is an easy job for a qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Replacing a conventional boiler with another one

Regular boilers are also called conventional boilers can easily be replaced but are starting to become less and less popular. The choice of replacement regular boiler is starting to become less and less but the most popular choices such as Worcester Bosch and ideal have enough new boiler options to suit most homes. 

boiler replacement new boilers heat only

Changing a heat only boiler – Pros and cons


  • Great for large homes 
  • Great for 2 or more bathrooms with high hot water demand
  • Good for areas with low water pressure


  • Hot water tank and cold water tank required so lots of space required
  • Limited choice of replacement boilers
  • Can be less efficient than a other boiler types

New replacement regular boilers

If you have a regular or heat only boiler and want to replace it with a new one then you can easily choose a new one online with companies such as Boiler Central. All you have to do is use their online boiler replacement calculator tool to get a choice of recommended new heat only boilers suited to your home. They can even provide you with a Gas Safe registered engineer and next day installation all for a fantastic price. 

Replacement regular gas boilers

Worcester BoschGreenstar 12RiHeat Only12 kWA Rated
Worcester BoschGreenstar 15RiHeat Only15 kWA Rated

British Gas Boiler Replacement Accross The UK

new boiler replacement British gas logo

British Gas are one of the biggest boiler replacement companies in the UK. They replace thousands of boilers every year and have a large amount of Gas Safe registered heating engineers at their disposal. They offer all the top new replacement boilers such as Worcester Bosch so you know you are getting a good boiler.

Is British Gas Boiler Replacement A Rip Off

You may have heard that British Gas boilers are a rip-off, but this isn’t really the case. It depends on how you look at it. British gas new boiler replacement offers are considerably more than a lot of other companies, so if you are going on price alone then you could say British Gas is a rip-off. If you take into consideration a great service from a renowned company then you may say their boiler replacement isn’t a rip-off.

Boiler replacement British Gas – Are they any good?

A British Gas new boiler is a great idea if you need a new boiler quickly, efficiently and you want to pay monthly. They offer a wide range of new boilers and offer lengthy warranties and boiler cover. We wouldn’t put anyone off a British gas new boiler, but when you compare it to other companies such as Boiler Central who offer the same services, if not better, for less.

Boiler Replacement Scheme UK

In the Uk, there are boiler replacement schemes running that are backed by the Government to help people with low incomes get access to new boilers for less. Funded by energy companies such as British Gas, there are a few different schemes all running at the same time so you may want to discover the different ones and see which boiler replacement companies are offering. Let’s take a look at some of the government-backed schemes that have been available in across the UK to people on benefits or who are over 60 years old

ECO Boiler Replacement Scheme for people on benefits

The Government back Energy Company Obligation or ECO boiler scheme assist people with low incomes who are receiving at least one type of benefit or disability benefit. This means that people who are receiving benefits can pay as little as £250 for a brand new boiler installed in their home. These new A-rated replacement boilers can save the home owner over £300 every year on their gas and electricity bills. Unfortunately, there is a very long waiting list on the ECO boiler replacement scheme.

Boiler Replacement Scheme over 60’s and claiming pension credit

If you are over 60 you may be eligible under the over 60’s boiler replacement scheme to assist towards a replacement boiler. If you are drawing pension credits you can apply to get a grant towards your new boiler under the ECO scheme. There are certain criteria you must meet with your boiler such as it is over 8 years old, broken, inefficient and you are in receipt of Pension Guarantee credit.

Cheap boiler replacements and budget boilers

boiler replacement new boilers cheap boiler

If you are looking for the cheapest possible replacement boilers then there are a few budget-friendly options to choose from. Buying a cheaper boiler isn’t always a great idea as they are more likely to break sooner than a more expensive boiler. Cheap replacement boilers generally come with less warranty and are less efficient.

Cheapest new replacement boilers

Currently, there are a few new boilers that you can replace your current boiler with for around £1,500. These are the following boilers. These boilers work perfectly fine but they are more likely to break and don’t have some of the technology that the better boilers do such as hydrogen capabilities and built-in wifi. Here are a few cheap replacement boilers that we would recommend.

Replacement Worcester Boilers – The most popular choice in the UK

Worcester Bosch is one of the best replacement boiler manufacturers in the UK. Their Greenstar range has dominated the new boiler market for over 10 years and they have just released a brand new updated Greenstar range in the past 2 years. Here are some of the new replacement boilers from Worcester Bosch.

New Worcester boiler replacement

All these boilers are replacements for the Greenstar i range which is one of the best selling boilers for the past decade due to its renowned reliability and longevity.

New replacement boilers and installation – What you should expect

boiler replacement new boilers gas safe register

Most people who buy a new boiler will need it installed. Buying a replacement boiler on its own may seem like a good and cost-effective idea, but there are lots of other things to take into consideration. The full installation of the boiler, the parts such as pipework, boiler flues, filters, condensate pipes and gas safety checks. All these should be included in any new boiler quote. 

How to get a new boiler replacement UK

If you have finally decided you need a new boiler then the best and fastest-growing way to buy a new replacement boiler is online. Times have changed and for the past few years boiler replacement has moved online as companies realised they don’t need to send in a salesperson to answer a few simple questions that can be automated online. Get a quote online now with Boiler Central and save time and money. 

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