Boiler service costs – How much should a boiler service cost?

How much does an annual boiler service cost?

In recent years, both heating fuel and maintenance fees have been rising. Homeowners may be questioning whether a boiler service is necessary.

If you don’t maintain your boiler maintenance, it could be too late. The large cost of replacing the boiler might come much sooner than you expected and you’ll regret not getting your boiler serviced.

The boiler service is also a safety check. It ensures that the system works safely and no dangerous leaking gasses have been detected. Any other problems can be identified early to prevent a breakdown.

This guide will explain why boilers need to be serviced, what usually is included in boiler service and how often servicing should be performed.

Why should I service my boiler?

A boiler service is necessary to maintain the system’s safety and check for damage or wear. This will help prevent breakdowns and extend the boiler’s life.

Regular boiler maintenance can also save money on fuel, and prevent costly emergency call-outs or the full cost of a new boiler.

Additionally, servicing your boiler can be required if the boiler is still under warranty.

If the boiler is part of a leased property, there are no legal requirements for an annual boiler service. However, there may be safety issues if the boiler is not serviced.

What is the cost of a boiler service?

Boiler servicing boiler repairs should only be done by professionals and should not be attempted at home.

Gas boilers should be serviced only by Gas Safe-registered engineers. Oil fired boilers need to be serviced only by OFTEC-registered engineers.

A gas boiler service cost should be between £50 to £180 and take approximately 30 minutes.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your boiler service, such as the type of boiler and the company you used.

These are the average and typical costs of various boiler types for a one-off boiler service:

Did you know that the efficiency rating of your boiler can have an impact on the amount of energy it consumes and, ultimately, how much your central heating system bills will cost?

Large companies like British Gas and Homeserve tend to charge more because of the size of their overheads. However, this is a generalization and it is a good idea to get several quotes before you book a boiler service.

You can also opt for a boiler cover plan. This usually includes an annual service. However, we will talk about cover options a little later.

What is the average cost of a combi boiler repair?

A combi boiler service costs around £80. However, the cost of the work can vary from £60 to £120. Local businesses tend to be 30% – 50% cheaper for boiler services than large national companies. Combi boilers are generally less likely to break down than oil and gas boilers.

This means that service costs might be lower in the long-term. You should familiarize yourself with the average cost of replacing a gas boiler with an electric one.

Should I pay for my combi boiler servicing?

There are many reasons to service your combi boiler. Heating engineers recommend that you have your combi boiler serviced annually.

These include: To reduce carbon monoxide poisoning; To keep your running costs low; To prolong the life of your boiler.

One of the most important reasons to make sure you get a boiler service is:

Boiler Services keep manufacturer warranties Valid

Almost every boiler brand will stipulate that as part of their boiler warranty terms and conditions you must get your boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

However, there will be times when a boiler service is necessary to resolve an emergency. It’s time for professionals to service your boiler if the thermostat doesn’t respond, the boiler turns off without reason, or your radiators get cold.

How Often Should a Boiler Be Serviced?

It is recommended to get an annual boiler service. Boiler servicing should be done in the summer to protect the boiler from unexpected breakdowns.

Gas Safety Engineers should be available in greater numbers than they are during winter.

As much as boiler servicing may seem unimportant, it’s exactly the same as when you get your car MOT and service to ensure that your car will keep running at its best and if there are any faults they get picked up before they cost you an arm and a leg!

What’s Included in a gas boiler service?

A boiler service is, in short, a test that ensures the boiler runs smoothly and safely.

The Gas Safe Engineer will typically conduct a visual inspection of the system as well as machine-based checks to make sure that everything is operating safely and at its optimum.

They will, for example, check the pressure and parts, as well as check the flue for toxic fumes.

The Engineer will identify any problems and provide a quote for any work that is required.

Is it worthwhile to have your boiler serviced. While there will be an upfront cost for servicing your boiler, you can rest assured that it is working efficiently and isn’t at risk. A boiler that is not functioning properly can lead to high energy bills. It is also important to have an engineer inspect it to make sure it doesn’t emit carbon monoxide.

How do I service a boiler?

How to service a boiler depends on what type of boiler it is (e.g. gas, electric, oil.) For a gas boiler service, it is important to perform a visual check to make sure the boiler’s and pipework are in correct position. It is important to take off the boiler casing and inspect for any issues. You should not attempt to service your boiler unless you have the necessary qualifications. They will ensure that your boiler works safely and can make any necessary repairs.

What boiler fuel types are available?

Oil fired boilers (Oil-fired Boilers):

These boilers are vital for the four million UK homes that aren’t connected to the gas mains. Instead of burning gas, the boiler is powered by an oil tank. They are as efficient as gas boilers. However, some condensing boilers that use oil can reach more than 90% efficiency. Oil tanks need to be filled only a few times per year depending on how large the house is. This tank means that oil boiler service costs will be slightly higher than those for gas.

Gas boilers including hydrogen ready boilers

Gas boilers are the most popular option for gas mains customers. They can be powered by natural gas. Contrary to oil boilers, the gas mains provide a steady supply of fuel, making them the most convenient type of boilers. Similar to oil fired boilers condensing boilers achieve over 90% efficiency while non-condensing models provide around 80% efficiency.

LPG boilers

LPG is another option for homeowners without gas mains. To keep your oil boiler running, you will need to place a tank on your home and receive periodic fuel deliveries. They are becoming more popular than oil boilers because they are more affordable and produce less emissions. You can even convert oil boilers to LPG.

Do I pay for servicing as I go? Or should I opt for a boiler cover plan?

The cost of a boiler service will typically be between £80 to £120 as a one-off fee. However, you can choose to pay monthly for a boiler cover plan that includes the annual service.

Boiler cover policies are insurance contracts that cover boilers. They come in many options, from basic boiler cover to heating system and boiler cover to more comprehensive boiler cover which will cover new boiler costs in the event of complete failure.

Installments of monthly subscription premiums are usually used to pay for boiler cover. Prices for the premiums can vary depending on what level of cover you choose, the boiler type and age, but they are usually between £9 per month for basic cover to around £30 for more expensive policies.

There are many options on the market for cover. It is worth determining if they suit your needs and if the premiums are reasonable in relation to the amount of cover and expected usage.

Before committing to such policies, it is important that all terms and conditions are fully understood. This includes any exclusions and the length of the initial no-claims period. It also ensures that the boiler type and age can be covered.

It can be priceless to have peace of mind knowing that your policy will cover you or reduce the cost of a break down.

Summary of boiler service costs

An annual boiler service will ensure that your household is protected from any boiler failures and gives you peace of mind knowing that your boiler and heating system are running safely.

If servicing is required, you can either book directly with the local Gas Safe Engineer or Boiler Central.

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