Emergency boiler installation and next day boiler replacement UK

emergency gas boiler installation by a gas safe registered engineer

If you need a boiler replacement in an emergency, you can get a fixed price quote online now and get your new boiler installed tomorrow in under 24 hours.

If you need a gas boiler sooner or require a boiler on finance, then you can click get a quote and contact Boiler Central on their contact number here

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If your emergency is a boiler leaking gas or think you have a gas emergency call 0800 111 999 for free now. 

Be aware of carbon monoxide too so check your alarm if you have one. 

Do not turn on any lights and leave the property immediately. 

Do you need a new boiler emergency installation?

emergency     new worcester bosch 400 combi boiler

If your boiler is broken and leaking gas, then you have an emergency as there is potential this could make your boiler explode. and should call the boiler emergency helpline and a Gas Safe registered engineer will be sent out right away. 

If your boiler is just not working but is safe and not leaking gas or leaking water, then you simply need to get a new boiler installed as soon as possible. 

Is it possible to get an emergency boiler installed the same day?

Technically yes. If your boiler breaks around 6 am and you decide you need a new boiler right away, if you can get in contact with a heating engineer who is free ( you may have a chance in the summertime) and, they can find a merchant who has the right type of boiler in stock, yes, it can be done. 

Fast new gas boiler installation services UK

Since times have changed from booking a home survey from a salesman or heating engineer, you can now find all the best boilers online including installation for fast installation. Rapid installation is classed as getting a new boiler installed in under 24 hours. 

We heavily recommend companies such as Boiler Central that install over 1000 boilers every month in the UK, many of which are under 24 hours. 

Can I get an emergency next day boiler installation? 

Yes, definitely. With emergency next-day boiler installation specialists like Boiler Central, you can get a quote online in under 20 seconds and book an installer for the next day. This is the quickest way to find out how much a new boiler cost and if it is a better option in the long term.

emergency new viessmann vitodens 050-w combi boiler

This is a far more realistic timeframe and there are 1000’s of boilers installed every day in the UK, mostly because of a boiler breakdown the previous day. 

How do I get a new boiler installed tomorrow?

Anyone can get an emergency boiler installed tomorrow by booking an installer online. You can choose from a range of boilers from the top manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Baxi & more. 

Once you have chosen the right boiler for your home, which includes combi boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers, you can book your local Gas Safe engineer to attend your home and fit your chosen boiler. 

Emergency boiler replacement cost

Expect emergency boiler costs from £1,600. Unless you have found a gas heating engineer to install a boiler in an emergency through the night, then you should not pay a penny more for emergency boiler replacement than you would have if it wasn’t an emergency. Next day boiler replacement is the same price as next week or next month replacement. 

List of boilers available in an emergency online

here are some of the best combi boilers and gas boilers available online right now that you can get installed in your home in an emergency. All these boilers are available for next day boiler replacements n the UK:

How to pay for emergency new boiler installations – Your options

If you need a boiler in an emergency, often it can come as a su[rise, so many people don’t have the funds or cash saved up to buy a new boiler outright. If this is the situation you find yourself in you can get a boiler on finance. Here are some emergency boiler finance options where you can spread the cost of a new boiler. 

emergency interest free boilers on finance

Emergency interest free boiler finance

Interest free boiler finance is exactly that. You can get a new boiler with up to 2 years interest-free finance online now with Boiler Central.

This means that if the new boiler including installation costs £1,700, that is exactly what you will pay, but spread out over 24 months.

Emergency buy now pay later in 12 months

Buy now pay later finance is another great option to pay for your boiler.

The best thing about this is that you can get your new boiler installation tomorrow, but you don’t pay a penny for 12 months, which gives you time to save up. You don’t pay a penny in interest either with this option. 

Emergency boiler finance

Emergency boiler finance is also available if you want to pay low monthly repayments and get a boiler replacement in an emergency.

With this option, you can spread the cost of your new boiler and installation cost over 3, 5, 7, or even 10 years. The longer the loan period, the lower the payments, you can pay as little as £17 per month for your boiler. 

Boiler emergencies checklist – What to do

Here are some things you may want to consider before rushing into a new boiler such as checking if you can get your new boiler replaced for free under warranty with many boiler manufacturers as long as you have serviced your boiler every year. 

emergency boiler repair

Check your boiler is safe and not leaking

If your boiler is leaking gas or lots of water, then you should call a Gas Safe registered engineer right away. If your boiler is broken but safe, then you should call an engineer to come out when possible. 

Check if your boiler is under warranty

If your boiler is under warranty still then you can get your boiler fixed for free. Many boilers recently have a 10 year warranty as standard, some even have 12 years so it’s always best to make sure. 

If your boiler is completely broken, then the manufacturer should replace your boiler completely. Usually, a boiler can be fixed if under warranty, but older boilers towards 10 years old can become uneconomical to repair.

Is your home warm enough to live in?

In the worst-case scenario where your boiler is broken and your home is too cold to live in in the depths of winter, you may want to arrange for a new boiler to be fitted, but also to move to temporary accommodation if possible. 

boiler leak emergency

Check your home insurance policy

A broken boiler could be covered under home insurance policies with home cover. If this is the case you may be able to get funding for your new boiler.

You may have to pay an excess of between £50 and £200 but this is still cheaper than having to pay over £1,600 for a brand new boiler if you have the boiler cover in place.

You may even be able to get your accommodation paid for elsewhere if you have to move out temporarily too.

A boiler out of warranty and needs replacing quickly – Problem solved

energy efficiency chart

If your boiler is out of warranty, there is a good chance that it is an old boiler. The best option is a full boiler replacement.

This will not only save you money on further repairs but also a new gas condensing boiler is much more energy efficient too, so you will save money on your energy bills. 

Get a new boiler in an emergency online now

If you need a new boiler fitted fast, then simply quickly get a quote to be taken to one of our recommended gas boiler installers. You can get a fixed price boiler quote online on all the best combi boilers, system boilers, regular boilers, and more.

You can then book your installation date for tomorrow and not pay a penny more than if you were getting your boiler installation next week.

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