Glow worm boiler service

How to get a Glow Worm annual boiler service

Anyone who is on the Gas Safe register can service all Glow Worm boilers. You don’t have to choose glow worm to do it, as they are generally more expensive.

Glow-worm and any Gas Safe engineers will offer a 12-point inspection of your boiler to ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency, working properly and to spot if there are any potential issues that may arise in the future. Gas Safe registered engineers should service your boiler once per year to ensure that:

  • After the first year, you can keep your guarantee.
  • Avoid future repairs by catching problems early.
  • Our engineer will inspect your boiler to save you energy.
  • Increase its life expectancy.

An annual service is the best way to ensure your boiler’s safety.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly so make sure to schedule regular maintenance.

It is important to maintain your Glow Worm boiler and heating system in order to maximize performance and reliability. One of the most important aspects of an annual service is to maintain the warranty. As part of their terms and conditions, you must get an annual Glow Worm boiler service completed by a qualified engineer.

Book a Glow Worm boiler service

You can book an annual boiler service with one of our recommended Gas Safe registered companies. If you have any questions they can answer them for you. Simply give them a call and they will arrange a Gas Safe registered engineer to attend your home and complete the service at a very competitive price.

What is involved in a Glow Worm boiler service?

A comprehensive inspection of your boiler is performed by one of our engineers when you book a service. This ensures that your boiler works safely and correctly.

  • 1 – An Gas Safe engineer will inspect your boiler and look for corrosion or leaks.
  • 2 – They will inspect the boiler’s pilot light and determine if it is burning fuel correctly. Fuel that isn’t fully burned can pose a danger to your safety.
  • 3 – Next, all internal parts of your boiler will be thoroughly cleaned and checked, including critical components like the main injector, spark probe, heat exchanger and burner.
  • 4. Your engineer will inspect flue terminals. This inspection is an important safety precaution to make sure that terminals are clean and sealed properly.
  • 5. – Water and gas pipes will be carefully checked for wear.
  • 6 – An engineer will examine your flow and gas pressure. These settings will need to be adjusted if they are not correct.
  • 7 – They will turn on the boiler to make sure it is working correctly.
  • After the engineer finishes the boiler service, they will provide a boiler service report that includes details and confirmations of each check. If you have any questions about the report, feel free to ask them.

Glow Worm boiler service cost

The average cost of a Glow-worm boiler service will be between £80 and £120, but there are many factors that can influence the final price.

You can book a boiler service with one of our recommended installers now for the lower amount of £80, or set up a service plan for £6.99 a month.

Here are the main factors affecting price of a boiler service.

  • The location of your property (the north tends to be less expensive than the south)
  • Type of boiler to be serviced
  • The age of the boiler
  • Different boiler engineers will charge you the different rates.

If the engineer finds a problem with your Glow worm boiler, you will be charged for the repair unless it is under Glow Worm warranty.

It’s possible to save money by scheduling a boiler service in the summer, as heating engineers are less busy during that season. Your boiler will be ready for winter so you can rest assured.

A boiler service can be booked with Glow Worm starting at£99.

Why is it important to have your Glow Worm boiler serviced each year?

An annual Glow worm boiler service will ensure that your guarantee is valid, even if you are still within your guarantee period.

It is important that your boiler be serviced at least once per year. Your Glow worm guarantee will not be extended if your boiler isn’t serviced every year. This will ensure your boiler works properly and does not leak carbon monoxide. This can lead to fatalities.

Your boiler’s lifespan will be extended by having it serviced annually. Glow-worm boilers will continue heating your home for up to 10-15 years after installation with regular maintenance and checks by an approved engineer.

What is a boiler service certificate?

The boiler service certificate proves that the boiler was serviced by an engineer registered with Gas Safe and is safe to use. This document includes details and confirms that all checks have been done.

After your engineer completes a boiler repair, they will issue you a boiler certificate. This is also known as a boiler report. If you have any questions about the report, please ask your engineer.

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