Hydrogen ready boilers V air source heat pumps

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You may have heard that gas boilers are going to be banned in the UK and heat source pumps are the future. Whilst this is mostly incorrect, it is partly true that boilers that run solely on gas will no longer be able to be installed in new build homes.

Gas boilers will be continued to be installed, but only if they are hydrogen ready and can run on 20% hydrogen. Air source heat pumps are the other option proclaiming to be the way forward, however, so let’s take a look at which is the best option.

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Hydrogen ready boilers v air source heat pumps: which is the best option?

Hydrogen boilers are the best option.

In short, when compared, hydrogen boilers come out on top. Air source pumps just can’t keep homes warm enough without having a radiator on at least 2 walls in each room, which is impossible in some properties, as well as costly.

The other option for air source heat pumps is underfloor heating which is another expense. This is before you have even taken into consideration the huge initial cost of heat pump installation. New boilers cost much less.

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Why hydrogen boilers?

A hydrogen-ready boiler will cost you around £600 and is ready with a few small part changes to run totally on hydrogen. There are other outside factors such as the cost of farming hydrogen and it may not be viable as of yet, but with technology advancing all the time, it is only a matter of time till it is. There is a huge investment from Governments and trials across the globe for hydrogen power. Buses and plant machinery are currently using it safely and effectively. 

Hydrogen backed by governments and boiler companies

Hydrogen power is seen as the key not just in the UK but across the world. The UK government has spent millions looking into Hydrogen and there are currently plans for domestic tests in certain areas in the UK to test Hydrogen in homes as a fuel source. The top boiler brands and companies such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Ideal have spent millions of pounds on developing Hydrogen boilers that are capable of using this zero-emission fuel. 

List of hydrogen ready boilers:

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Gas boilers v heat pumps – Pros and cons of choosing between the two

As we have said, there are pros and cons to the gas boiler and the heat pumps but if you are looking for a certain aspect of each to decide which is best for your home in the future then we have broken down into smaller segments these 2 heating units.

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Benefits of Hydrogen ready gas boilers

  • Unrivalled heating power and capabilities
  • Capable of running on part hydrogen to lower greenhouse gasses
  • Currently cheap to run and maintain
  • Low installation costs
  • Ready for switch to hydrogen fuel easily
  • Zero emissions once fully powered by hydrogen
  • Twice as economical as gas boilers so less hydrogen required
  • Hydrogen can be pumped into the current gas network

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Low co2 emissions
  • Renewable heat incentive grants
  • Can be used for heating and cooling
  • Highly efficient
  • Long lifespan
  • No fuel storage

Disadvantages of Hydrogen ready gas boilers

air source heat pump
  • Hydrogen is currently expensive to farm
  • The current gas network will need to be made safer
  • Storage of hydrogen is currently difficult
  • Won’t be ready for another 15 years

Disadvantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Cost over £5,000 just to install and are very large
  • Very low heat supply
  • Requirement for underfloor heating or 2 or more radiators in each room
  • Home has to be very well insulated
  • Lower yearly savings compare to gas
  • Can be very noisy
  • Large amount of space needed outside home and an eyesore

Heat pump or gas boiler – Deciding which is best for your home

When deciding which is best for your home you need to take all the above into consideration. If you have a new build that is well insulated, has a large amount of space outside, and possible has underfloor heating, then a heat source air mump may be the best option. Whereas if you have a mid-terrace with no garden space or a flat, these just aren’t even an option.

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What is the difference in cost between hydrogen ready boilers and heat pumps?

Hydrogen ready boiler with installation£1,500
Air source heat pump with installation£5,000

How much does a heat pump boiler cost in the long run?

If you take into consideration that a new gas boiler will save you £300 per year, you could have offset the new boiler cost within 5 years. Whereas the costs involved with an air source heat pump are that high that the savings will not be seen for a very long time. If your home isn’t warm enough either you may have to find other ways to heat your home up, for example, electric heating, which defeats the object of the heat pump. 

Hydrogen boiler or heat pump conclusion: Hydrogen ready gas boilers are the best option

We firmly believe that Hydrogen ready gas boilers are the future. Electric boilers are also an option but are expensive to run. Once Hydrogen has become a lot more easily ascertained and farmed, then it will be a cheap and valuable form of zero-emission fuel that will be powering boilers, cars, buses, and more. You can get your Hydrogen ready boiler now online. All Worcester Bosch boilers are hydrogen ready along with Viessmann and Ideal. You can get a quote online now and future-proof your home for less. 

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