Vaillant boiler service

Vaillant boiler service guide including cost

You don’t want your Vaillant boiler service to be a rip-off, but you do need it serviced. We’ve got you covered! We are pleased to present our quick guide on Vaillant services and how much they cost.

We’ll give you the main overview of Vaillant servicing costs. It will explain how much you can expect to pay for your boiler repairs and maintenance, where you can find qualified Gas Safe boiler engineers, as well as how to determine if you require a replacement boiler.

What is a boiler service?

To service a boiler, a heating engineer must be hired. This involves performing various inspections and tests around the unit. A heating engineer must be registered for the type of boiler they are working on. This means that a Gas Safe engineer should service a gas boiler and an OFTEC engineer oil boilers.

Only get your Vaillant gas boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer

Vaillant boilers are gas-fueled, so a Gas Safe engineer must be hired. The Gas Safe Register website has a list of registered engineers. You should ask for their Gas Safe ID card when they arrive.

A thorough boiler service should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish. The service time could vary depending on the boiler type and whether there are any problems.

What is the Cost of a Vaillant Boiler Service?

A Vaillant boiler service cost £80+ VAT if you use small local heating companies which is more than fair.

For larger companies with many Gas Safe registered engineers, the maintenance cost will rise to £85-120+vat. Any heating company that offers a boiler service at a lower price would be suspicious.

Always ask your Gas Safe registered engineer before you make an appointment.

What Boiler Repairs are Covered by a Boiler Service Plan

You shouldn’t expect an engineer to fix your Vaillant if it’s due for its annual boiler service.

A boiler service is exactly what it sounds like – a service similar to your car service to make sure it is running efficiently.

If you need boiler repairs, inform your heating engineer in advance and they might give your Vaillant boiler an estimate for a fixed price. They can then service your boiler as normal after the repairs are completed.

What is included in a boiler service plan?

When they arrive at your home, boiler engineers will check off the items on their checklist.

After the repairs are complete, landlords will need to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate. Although it is not required for homeowners, this certificate can be helpful. It will allow you to return to your home if you have any problems with the boiler or repairs.

It will also allow you to see the work of the heating engineer. They’ll use a flue gas analyser to check that the flue gases meet tolerance.

You can print out the details of the boiler tests using a flue gas analyser. They can also be printed on the Gas Safety certificate.

Boiler Service checklist – What to ask your engineer

Ask your engineer to inspect your boiler while you have it serviced. Some parts of boilers are very expensive like the heat exchanger. It is possible to save hundreds of pounds by paying an engineer to clear out a blockage to prevent a costly boiler repair.

Ask them to test your boiler pressure. The fault is usually a central heating system leak that causes your boiler to lose pressure. This should be fixed.

If you have boiler filters, contact the engineer to clean them out. If these filters are not cleaned, they can collect debris that will cause damage to your boiler and make it less efficient.

Before you proceed, make sure to check with your engineer what is included in your Vaillant Service. Do not assume that they will do the above as part of their boiler service package.

One-Off vs. Annual Service for Your Boiler

It is costly to repair a boiler. You can avoid most boiler problems by having your boiler serviced annually.

Cleaning out your boiler filter and servicing it annually to prevent sludge buildup will help you save a lot of money on heating bills and boiler repairs.

According to our view, it is always better to choose an annual service plan.

How to find and book a Vaillant Service Engineer

Gas Safe engineers are qualified to repair and maintain Vaillant boilers. Get a boiler maintenance estimate.

My Engineer says I need a new boiler. Are they ripping me off?

A good Vaillant engineer can save you as much as a boiler installation professional. Don’t believe that your service technician is trying to scam you by suggesting a new boiler over repairs.

It’s a good idea to consider a replacement if your boiler is beyond warranty, older than 5 years, and costs more than £500. As with all mechanical appliances, if one part fails, the others will soon follow. It is a waste of money to spend £500+ on a boiler that will only last for a few years.

You might be considering replacing your boiler. Take a look at our guide to the costs of new boiler installation. We’re happy to answer any questions.

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