Viessmann boiler service

What is included in Viessmann boiler services & costs?

Your Viessmann boiler is essential to keeping your home warm all year round. It provides hot water and heating as and when you need it. These high-quality Viessmann boilers are reliable today, but there are steps that you can take to ensure they are in good condition. One of those is to arrange regular services.

Your Viessmann boiler can heat your home for up to 15 years if you give it the proper care.

Look after your Viessmann with an annual service

An annual boiler service is essential to ensure your Viessmann boiler has the best possible life expectancy. A boiler service can be arranged by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. This will ensure that your Viessmann boiler is running safely and efficiently, which is important to keep your energy costs down.

Continue reading to learn why servicing is important, what it entails and how Viessmann could help you with this crucial element of boiler care.

Regular Viessmann boiler service is a smart decision for many reasons, including the following…

Popular boilers in the VBiessmann range that require an annual service to maintain a warranty:

Why get a Viessmann boiler service?

Increased efficiency

Modern condensing Viessmann boilers are very efficient but they will not perform well if you don’t maintain them in a proper manner. This means following the manufacturer’s instructions. You could experience higher fuel bills if the appliance isn’t serviced by an engineer.

Your Gas Safe registered heating engineer might make suggestions to save energy. You may need to adjust the heating settings or look at smart technology options for your Viessmann boiler such as Tadodeg – Intelligent Heating Control, or other technologies specifically designed for Viessmann Boilers.

Greater reliability

After Viessmann boiler installation, regular servicing is important to prevent boiler failures from occurring in your heating system. It is more likely that appliances will develop problems if they are not regularly serviced. Emergency repairs can be expensive. Regular service will ensure that potential problems are detected and addressed early to prevent them from becoming worse.

Increased life expectancy

An annual Viessmann boiler service can extend the life of your boiler by catching problems early. You can also save money in the long-term by waiting longer before you have to replace your boiler as the whole process will increas the longevity of your boiler

Safety enhancing

Your safety could be at risk if you fail to arrange boiler service. You could be at risk if serious issues, such as a CO2 leak, are not addressed which would go unnoticed if you have an older boiler and you haven’t had your Viessmann boiler checked out. Your engineer will inspect your home for potential problems, allowing you greater peace of mind.

Warranty protection must be maintained

Your Viessmann boiler warranty or extended warranty requires regular servicing. If you fail to schedule these inspections and your appliance experiences a problem, your warranty may be void. You will then have to pay for repairs or replacement. Boiler servicing by Gas Safe registered engineers is pretty much standard every year for most boiler manufacturers.

What is a boiler service?

A Gas Safe engineer will perform a boiler service. This includes an inspection of all components. The engineer will take out the appliance’s casing and inspect everything, including the main injector and spark probe, burner, heat exchanger, electrical connections, and controls. Your engineer will inspect the pipework, seals and combustion releases and ensure that your appliance is operating at the correct pressure.

Your engineer will repair or replace any worn or damaged parts, and clean all components as needed to ensure that your boiler operates as efficiently and effectively.

Viessmann boiler service checklist

After looking at the credentials of the boiler engineer, they will begin the boiler service. This is what they will do:

  • The engineer will inspect the unit visually, looking for signs of corrosion or leaking, and making sure the pilot light in the gas boiler is lit blue.
  • After the exterior inspection, the engineer will take out the casing and inspect the inside.
  • The technicians will inspect the flue terminals for obstructions and ensure that they are properly fitted. They will also check that the seals, water, and gas pipes are intact.
  • To ensure they are at the correct levels, gas pressure and flow settings will both be checked.
  • They’ll also put the boiler in operation to make sure it is running properly.
  • Oil boilers need to be inspected for water contamination, oil leaks, or other filter elements that may need replacing.
  • The engineer will give you a boiler service report after the service. This list details everything they did. Keep this document close to your heart as it may prove useful for the manufacturer.

When is it best to service Viessmann boilers?

Most boiler warranties and guarantees require an annual service. This is recommended to ensure that your appliance continues to work efficiently and safely.

You don’t need to wait for your appliance to be serviced every year. It’s a smart idea to call an engineer if you suspect that something is wrong with your appliance.

A number of signs can indicate that a Viessmann boiler maintenance is required. The boiler not heating or providing hot water is a sign that something is wrong. However, there are other indicators:

Condensation in the boiler room has increased

Black stains and marks around the appliance

Your boiler’s flame changing from blue to yellow

If you are experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is important to book an appointment immediately. These symptoms include confusion, nausea and vomiting, dizziness (tiredness), headaches, stomach pain, difficulty breathing, dizziness, dizziness and tiredness.

Viessmann Boiler service cost

A Viessmann boiler service will cost between £70-£125 on average. The final cost of Viessmann boiler services will depend on many factors, including where you live, what model your boiler is, how old the boiler is, and who the engineer is.

You can save money by scheduling your boiler service in the summer, when engineers will be more quiet. A summer boiler service can also be used to identify potential problems before winter sets in.

Is a Viessmann service worth it?

Definitely. it is worth it just to protect the warranty, but when you consider that things can go wrong, even if you aren’t paying for the parts or laboiur, you would likely have to take the day off work to wait for the engineer. Here are some known faults that you could experiance and prevent by servicing your Viessmann boiler:

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