Worcester boiler blue light flashing – What’s the issue?

Are you seeing a flashing blue light from your Worcester boiler? It is possible that your boiler is not working properly. There is no reason to panic.

This is not the end for your unit. The error code is usually found with the light. It should be possible to identify the error code and correct it with a certified gas engineer.

Worcester Bosch boiler blue light flashing – how to fix it?

The most common error code to accompany the flashing light in Worcester Bosch boilers is “The Error Code EA”. If gas is not being supplied, your boiler will display this code. Gas supply problems can be caused by many things, including:

  • Blockages of the flue
  • Condensate pipe blockages.
  • A faulty ignition electrode.
  • Faulty flame sensor
  • Gas leaks
  • Low gas pressure
  • Low boiler pressure

Does the blue flashing light on a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler mean I need a new one?

Before you jump to conclusions about the blue flashing light and start buying a new boiler, make sure you check the operation of any other gas appliances in your house. If they work well, there should be no problem with the mains gas supply. Your boiler is the problem it could be a faulty gas valve

Boiler repairs can be dangerous. You need to be a highly trained heating engineer to fix a gas boiler. It is important to immediately turn off the Worcester Greenstar boiler and call a Gas Safe engineer.

What does a flashing blue light on a Worcester boiler mean?

Gas leaks – Error Code EA

– call the emergency gas line on 0800 111 999

If your blue light flashes and you think you have a gas leak call a heating engineer striaght away

Gas leaks may also cause flame loss, which in turn will trigger the Error code EA. This will be accompanied by a blue flashing light. Gas leaks can also lead to the ignition electrode failing in modern boilers.

We recommend that you inspect your unit regularly for gas leaks as a precautionary measure. Gas leaks can be dangerous and could easily lead to an explosion. You should immediately turn off your boiler and shut off the gas supply. If there is even a trace of a leak, evacuate the area and call a Gas Safe Engineer, and await an emergency boiler installation.

Flue Blockages – Error Code EA

During its operation, the gas boiler creates the gases. Properly fitted flues are special pipes that redirect waste gases away form your boiler. These gases are dangerous and should be evacuated from your home. This is why your boiler will display an EA error code immediately before it stops.

Certified heating engineers will inspect the flue pipes to make sure they are free from clogs and damage. The engineer will inspect vertical flues more susceptible to debris and leaves.

A modern boiler or heating system has a flue guard that prevents blockages. The gas engineer can install one if your boiler doesn’t have one.

Condensate pipe blockages – Error Codes EA or D5

Condensate pipes act as a conduit for acidic wastewater to be diverted away from the boiler. Your boiler produces acidic water byproducts of its operations, just like other waste gases.

You may see the error code EA of D5 for this problem.

Condensate pipes are standard equipment on all condensing boilers. Condensate pipes are likely to be present in boilers manufactured after 2005.

Winter storms are the most dangerous time for condensate pipes. The cold can freeze pipes and cause a blocked condensate pipe. You can resolve the problem by pouring warm water into the frozen area.

Condensate pipes may also fail under other conditions. If you are unsure of the problem, it is best to contact a professional.

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council has made new regulations regarding external condensate pipe. All boiler condensate pipe should be terminated internally into a soil stack by January 2021. This is a safety measure that protects condensate pipes against the winter season. Discuss with the engineer what steps are required to convert external condensate pipes to internal.

A faulty ignition electrode

An ignition electrode is essential for starting the boiler gas to ignite once it has been released into its combustion chamber. Your Worcester boiler will display an error code EA and a flashing blue light if the ignition electrode is damaged. It will also stop all operations.

Don’t worry. To protect you and your unit from any further damage, the boiler will stop all operations. Boiler gas can continue to accumulate in the combustion chamber, triggering a boiler explosion if it does not stop.

Your boiler’s ignition electrode will be tested by a gas engineer. A replacement is necessary if the ignition electrode is defective.

Problems with the flame sensor

A Printed Circuit Board controls most gas boilers, including Worcester Bosch boilers. It acts as your boiler’s brain. It will shut down the gas supply immediately if it does not sense that there is a flame. The blue light will then flash and display the Error Code EA.

The engineer will also test the flame sensor to make sure it is working properly. It is difficult to repair flame sensors. Most likely, the engineer will have to replace it.

Low boiler pressure

Boiler pressure differs from gas supply pressure. This refers to the pressure of hot water flowing inside your boiler. This error code, unlike all other causes, will cause your boiler to display Error Code E207.

Low boiler pressure doesn’t have to be a problem. It is possible to solve it. You first need to check the pressure gauge on your boiler. To ensure that the boiler can operate properly, it should be at least 1.5 bar. Your boiler may be experiencing low pressure if it is reading below 1 bar.

Although pressure loss is an inevitable problem that will develop over time, heating engineers should inspect the boiler system for potential leaks.

Low gas supply

The boiler needs a constant supply of gas at the right pressure. A low gas pressure will not allow the flame to heat the water. Your gas boiler will display an error code along with a flashing blue light as soon as the flame stops.

This problem could occur after you have upgraded your Worcester boiler unit. You might also have this problem if you don’t upgrade the pipe system.

Worcester Greenstar boiler service mode

This is a good sign. Your boiler may be in service mode if the blue light does not pulsate and doesn’t display an error code.

It is possible that engineers have just serviced the boiler, and it was left in this mode. The service switch could also have been accidentally activated by someone. You will need to reset a Worcester boiler in such an instance.

How do you reset your Worcester boiler?

Sometimes all your Worcester boiler requires is a quick reset to get it back to normal. You might be able to save money if you are lucky. We strongly recommend against the resetting of a boiler with an Error Code. Things could get worse if you don’t take care. Wait until an engineer inspects your boiler and resets it.

You’ll first need to find the “reset button” or setting. Worcester boilers are available in many models and designs. We recommend that you verify the location using the user’s manual.

Once you have located the button, press it for three seconds and then release it to start the reset process. Some models also have the “reset” setting on their temperature dials. The dial should reach the “reset” mark. It will stay there for three seconds before it goes back to its original setting.

Worcester boiler flashing blue light conclusion

A flashing blue light indicates that there is a problem with your Worcester Bosch boiler. An Error Code is an indication that there is a problem. It’s usually caused by flame loss issues. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. Instead, get in touch with a Gas Safe certified engineer.

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