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What is included in a Worcester boiler service?

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Boiler service is when a heating engineer visits your home to inspect and test the boiler. This ensures that it is safe to use. A Worcester boiler service should only ever be performed by a qualified engineer. This means that oil boilers must be serviced by an OFTEC engineer and gas boilers by a Gas Safe technician.

Worcester Bosch makes both oil and gas boilers. Depending on which fuel your home uses, either a Gas Safe engineer or an OFTEC engineer may be required. It is easy to check if an engineer holds the required certifications. This is not only important, but it’s also crucial to verify the identity before you allow them to start work.

A boiler service should take around 30 minutes, regardless of any faults that the engineer may find.

Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

These companies are reputable and quality-conscious and offer value for money. Before we list them, they have completed our training courses and are licensed to perform work at your house. To find the Worcester Accredited Installer nearest to you, simply contact one of our recommended boiler service companies.

Gas Safe Registered & OFTEC Installers

Installers will be issued a Gas Safe Register ID card or OFTEC ID card. You should also ask when they arrive to ensure your safety. On the Gas Safe Register or OFTEC websites, you can search for Gas Safe registered installers. You can also choose to work with one of our Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers, who we verify before being listed on our website.

Worcester Service Engineers

When possible, we recommend that you have your service performed by the original installer of your boiler. We understand that sometimes this is not possible. If you are unable to find an installer who suits your needs, you can either book a Gas Safe registered Worcester Bosch service technician online or find a company such as Boiler Central that can offer a boiler service over boiler cover plan that includes service.

Popular boilers that need a Worcester Bosch service every year

Here are some of the most popular boilers that you will likely have in your home that will be requiring an engineer to service your boiler:

Worcester boiler service cost

A boiler service should cost between £70 and £125. However, this will vary depending on where you live, the age of the boiler and the engineer performing the service.

We recommend scheduling your boiler service during the summer, rather than in the winter. Engineers are less busy during summer. Your boiler will be in top condition before it starts to fall.

It is worth noting, however, that if the engineer finds any faults or issues with the boiler, the repair costs will be added to the quoted price.

Safety checks are vital

Safety is the most important thing in your home. This is why you should have your boiler service. The boiler service will inform a heating engineer of any potential future or existing faults that could cause harm to your home. Don’t wait until the next annual service is due to find out if your boiler is having problems. Contact a professional heating engineer immediately.

Keep heating bills low

A boiler service can help you keep your heating bills lower for longer. Boilers age and lose efficiency, but well-maintained boilers retain greater levels of energy efficiency which will help to lower heating bills.

Prevent breakdowns

Although a small problem with your boiler may not seem serious, it could quickly become a major issue. An engineer can spot signs of a problem early and fix it before they become major problem. This will save you money down the road.


Worcester Bosch boilers come standard with a 5 year warranty. However, the latest Greenstar gas boilers come with up to 12 years warranty. The older Greenstar CDi, Ri and Si ranges of Greenstar HE gas-fired boilers have a 5-year warranty which can be extended to 10 years.

Your warranty must be renewed for the full term of the agreement by having the unit serviced every 12 months by an OFTEC or Gas Safe certified engineer. This will depend on whether the boiler is oil or gas.

Is a Worcester boiler service worth it?

We would more than recommend that you get a Worcester boiler serviced every year, mainly to protect your warranty, but also it will prevent any inconveniences such as having to take the day off work to let an engineer in. Here are some of the more common Worcester boiler problems that you can prevent by getting an annual service:

Service plans for boilers

Instead of paying a lump sum for a boiler repair, you may want to sign up for a boiler maintenance plan. You’ll pay monthly fees.

This option is only available to Worcester boilers older than 8 years and not under warranty. If it’s over 8 years old, you might consider this option. However, it could end up costing more than £100.

The Worcester Maintenance and Support Plan is available if the warranty on your Worcester Bosch boiler ends. The plan includes an annual boiler service, as well as:

  • Boiler repairs up to £1,500 if a fault is found during the service
  • If the boiler is not repairable (less installation costs), the replacement cost for the boiler will be up to £750

Worcester has trained Gas Safe technicians who will only be the people sent out to your home to service your boiler.

Worcester Maintenance & Support Plan

You could also take out the Worcester Maintenance & Support Plan if your boiler is still in good working order and less than ten years old. Domestic & General Services Limited offers a plan that covers your Worcester boiler and Worcester controls and includes an annual service (completed in April or September) and repairs up to £1,500 per calendar year.

You can however likely get cheaper boiler cover and service plan for companies such as Boiler Central.

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