Alpha boiler warranty

What is an Alpha boiler warranty?

Boilers should be considered a long-term investment. Knowing that Alpha will be there to help you after the installation is complete gives you peace of mind. Boiler warranties are here to help and for your peace of mind

Depending on how long your Alpha warranty lasts (usually between 1-10 years), the manufacturer can send an engineer to your house to fix any problems and leave you with a functioning boiler.

Like most things, Alpha warranties have terms and conditions that could mean you aren’t covered for all the things you thought. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision before buying your boiler.

Main Alpha boilers covered by warranty

  • Alpha E-Tec
  • Alpha E-Tec Plus
  • Alpha Evoke

All these great Alpha boilers come with their reliable stainless steel heat exchanger and are covered by the boiler manufacturer warranty for 10 years.

Who is Alpha?

Alpha Heating is a leader in the UK heating market. This comes as no surprise considering their over 50-years of experience. They offer a wide range of heating boilers at affordable prices so you can find the perfect boiler for your home. Learn more about this manufacturer and their entire range of boilers.

Standard Alpha warranty

The Alpha warranty begins on the day of installation. The length depends on which model you buy. The warranty on combi boilers is between 2-7 years, 3-5 years for system boilers, and 3 years for regular boilers. You can extend the warranty of some Alpha boilers by purchasing a Premier Pack.

How do you extend your Alpha boiler warranty?

Alpha’s boilercare allows you to have your boiler serviced by one of Alpha’s engineers. Boilercare, an annual Alpha boiler service, is usually performed during summer so your boiler is ready for winter. Alpha can help you find the right plan for your needs.

What is covered by the warranty

The warranty covers defective or faulty parts. However, the warranty does not cover the cost of replacing or repairing any defective or faulty parts. This requires that the work be done by an Alpha Heating certified installer.

Alpha will attempt to resolve any issues over the telephone and has a handy guide available on their website for those who feel inclined to try it. If not, one of their service engineers will send someone to your home to fix the problem.

Alpha boilers warranty terms and conditions

Registering with the Gas Safe Register is mandatory if you are working with gas in the UK. To validate the Alpha Heating Innovation guarantee, your boiler must have been installed by a Gas Safe registered plumber. Your installer must complete the Benchmark form included in your homeowner pack to receive this free guarantee. This does not affect any of your legal rights.

How do you validate the Alpha guarantee period

Within 30 days of installation, the boiler must be registered at Alpha Heating Innovation.

The appliance is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the first year of installation, not the date of its first use. However, the following conditions may apply.

It is vital that the boiler be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer, who has been trained in the installation of the boiler. This will ensure the boiler’s guarantee. Your warranty will be null if the boiler is not serviced annually during the guarantee period.

The Alpha promise

We will provide you with a high-quality repair service if your boiler has a problem. Our national network of highly qualified engineers is available to assist you.

Any components found to be defective or faulty in manufacture during the warranty period will be exchanged or repaired at no cost if they are repaired by Alpha Heating Innovation directly or one of its agents.

Alpha Heating Innovation will not accept invoices from third parties for the repair or attendance of an appliance.

This warranty does not apply to certain things

  • If the boiler has not been serviced annually during the warranty period, and the first year, it will be free of charge. Alpha Heating Innovation, or your appointed Gas Safe engineer can perform this work.
  • Boilers that are not installed by Gas Safe registered plumbers will be repaired at no cost.
  • Boiler repairs that were not installed or commissioned correctly as per the installation instructions. This includes the need to flush the system and add corrosion inhibitor.
  • Any damage to the heating system caused by failures or defects other than the boiler.
  • Unstable water supply to property can cause faults.
  • Installations on non-static vessels
  • Installations in commercial areas for which the boiler was not designed. The ProTec 50, ProTec 70 and ProTec 90 boilers are exempted from this, provided they are installed by an engineer who is qualified for commercial installations.
  • Any decorative parts, such as trim or badges, can be replaced.
  • Compensation for consequential loss (e.g. Compensation for consequential losses (e.g., loss of earnings, business loss, stress, and inconvenience) resulting from a production failure, as well as delays due to factors beyond our control.
  • Any damage due to hard water scale deposits or aggressive water resulting in corrosion.

What to do when your Alpha heating system is not working properly? You do not lose your statutory rights.

  • It is important to contact your installer immediately if you suspect that the boiler may be the problem.
  • If the installer can confirm that the boiler is not working properly and cannot fix it due to a component problem, then our technical customer service line is available. For advice or to schedule an engineer’s appointment, call 0344 871 8564.
  • The technical support line is available from 08.00 to 17.30 on Monday through Friday, 09.00 to 16.00 on Saturday, and 09.00 to 14.00 on Bank Holidays (except Christmas Day).
  • The following information will be required when calling technical support:
  1. The serial number of the boiler
  2. The details of your installer, together with their Gas Safe registration numbers
  3. Contact details and address of the installation

PLEASE NOTE If you are unable to provide the details of your Gas Safe registered installer and we have not been notified, a call-out charge of PS70+VAT could be imposed before we agree on attending site. Before we agree to send an engineer to your appliance, this fee must be paid over the phone by debit or credit card.

Any fee will be refunded if we can prove that the appliance was installed by a registered engineer.

“Evidence” can be defined as any one of the following:

  1. A copy of a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (indicating the details of the registered contractor who performed the work) or
  2. A copy of the Gas Safety Compliance Certificate, which includes the details of the registered installor who performed the work.
  3. A receipt from the installation clearly showing the address details of the company and the current Gas Safe registration number.

How do I register Alpha Warranty

To register your guarantee on your appliance, click on this link. It will save you time and help you to get in touch with them in the future.

Alpha will only receive the details you submit via this form.

Installers who would like Gas Safe to have details of their registration can log in to the Installer Login Area by clicking the red “Installers” link at the top. This area is secure and you will need to log in using a set ID or password. If you require any assistance, please contact us.

After logging in, click the Product Registration link and fill out all details. This includes the name of the engineer as well as the appliance that has been removed.

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