Baxi boiler warranty

What is a Baxi boiler warranty?

Boiler warranties are an important aspect of buying a new Baxi boiler. These warranties give you the assurance that your boiler will be repaired or replaced if it does not work as planned.

The Baxi boiler warranty period ranges from 1-10 years. If you find a boiler with a standard warranty at a higher end, it is a sign of how much the manufacturer values their boiler.

A warranty’s length is only the beginning. Terms and conditions could mean you aren’t getting what you expected. This guide is designed to help you understand the Baxi warranty terms and avoid unnecessary time reading. The main thing is to understand that all Baxi boiler installations need to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Who is Baxi?

Baxi has been manufacturing boilers in the UK since 1866. They have won many awards for their reliability. Learn more about Baxi’s range of boilers. Baxi makes a full range of gas boilers including combi boilers, system boilers, and conventional boilers.

Baxi Standard Warranty

Baxi boilers come standard with a 2-year warranty. However, there are other options that can extend the standard Baxi boiler warranty to up to 10 years. These include Baxi 800 and Baxi Platinum ranges.

How do you extend your Baxi warranty?

Baxi’s Protection Plans can provide peace of mind for a monthly charge. This includes central heating protection, annual servicing and a Baxi boiler service and full central heating protection.

What is covered by the Baxi warranty

The Baxi warranty applies only to the boiler and its integrated controls. It does not cover any other connected systems or accessories, such as time switches or thermostats.

Baxi Customer Support Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Gas Safe registration is required. The installer must also complete the Benchmark Commissioning checklist at the time of the installation. The checklist is located at the back of the installation instructions.

2. This warranty is void if this condition is not met.

3. Within 30 days of your boiler installation, either the installer, or you, as the homeowner, must register the boiler warranty with Baxi. This must be done within 30 calendar days of the completion of the sale for new-build properties.

4. Each year, the boiler should be serviced according to manufacturer instructions. Gas Safe registered engineers must perform the service. You can have the service done within 60 days of the boiler’s original installation date without invalidating your warranty.

5. If you are unable to provide proof of service, we will ask for documentation.

6. You will not be eligible for the warranty if you fail to meet the conditions 2 through 4.

7. We will replace any parts that are defective within the warranty period, provided they are not damaged beyond the date of manufacture.

8. This warranty applies only to the boiler and its integrated controls. It does not cover any other connected systems or accessories, such as time switches and thermostats, thermostats, motorised vales, external pumps, external expansion vessel, and so forth.

9. We may ask for a deposit if the boiler is not working. If we find a fault covered by the warranty, we will refund your deposit in its entirety. If we are unable to access your property when we have arranged to visit, or if other conditions of the warranty have not been fulfilled, we may retain the deposit. To allow our engineer access to the boiler, a responsible adult must be present at the property.

10. This warranty does not cover any repair that is done under its terms.

11. This warranty is only applicable to boilers purchased in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man and used within the Channel Islands.

12. If they believe that accessing the boiler could pose a danger to safety or health, engineers will not make repairs.

13. Your boiler must be in a cabinet. The minimum area required by the installation instructions is not sufficient. We cannot accept responsibility for the removal of cabinets, kitchen units, trims, and so forth in order to access repairs.

14. Although our warranties are not insurance-backed, Baxi reserves money to support any future warranty claims.

15. This warranty does NOT affect your legal or statutory rights.

16. You are granting permission to Baxi, a trading unit of Baxi Heating UK Limited to contact you via the contact channels you choose.

17. We will keep your details safe and secure. Only those who are partners with us will have access to them. No other parties will have access. You are confirming that you accept our privacy notice and agree to submit your details. You have the right to change your mind at anytime.

Baxi say the following are not covered by this warranty

1. Boilers are installed in mobile leisure accommodation vehicles (LAVs), e.g. boats, caravans.

2. Products that were moved from their original installation.

3. Each annual service costs, including replacement of seals and electrodes.

4. Any repair is required for any reason other than the boiler’s fault or failure.

5. Any damage, accidental, negligent, malicious, or other. It is not recommended to install damaged appliances.

6. Theft and attempted theft

7. Any failure or fault in the heating system to the boiler.

8. Other costs and expenses resulting from or caused by a repair.

9. Corrosion can cause damage to hard water scale deposits and sludge.

10. Problems caused by insufficient supply of utilities such as electricity, water or gas to the property.

11. Boilers that are not:

* Installed and set up in strict accordance with the instructions (including the requirement for cleaning the system and adding corrosion inhibitor according to BS7593.1992)

or * maintained in strict accordance with the instructions provided with them

or where parts other that Baxi Genuine Parts were used in service or repair; where the Benchmark checklist was not properly completed

How do I register my Baxi warranty?

For ease now you can register your Baxi boiler warranty online to ensure that you keep your Baxi boiler warranty valid. You could get your Gas Safe registered engineer to do this for you.
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