F22 Vaillant Fault Code

Vaillant F22 fault code – What this error means & how to fix

Vaillant boiler F22 fault codes are one of the most frequent error codes and are one of the most common Vaillant boiler problems.

The underlying problem behind the Vaillant F22 error is not difficult to fix. However, the boiler may need to be checked over for a water leak if your boiler keeps losing pressure and you will need assistance from a Gas Safe engineer.

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What does the Vaillant F22 Error code mean?

Answer: Low boiler pressure in the central heating system

Low water pressure is indicated by the Vaillant F22 error code. You will need to raise the water pressure to correct the problem. The correct pressure is essential for Vaillant ecoTEC boilers to work. The boiler will display an F22 error code if the water pressure drops below the required level. The boiler will then lockout, and both the central heating and hot water will stop working.

The Vaillant user manual says:

F.22 Safety switch-off: Low water pressure: No/insufficient water in the product or the water pressure is too low in your central heating system:

1. Check: Plug, cable to heating pump or water pressure sensor, water pressure sensor, heating pump.

2. Activate and purge check program P.0.

You will need to first check the fault code if you have a problem with your Vaillant boiler. Even if your boiler shows an error code, it doesn’t mean that you are in any way affected. We can help you understand what the Vaillant F22 error codes mean so you can take steps to get your central heating system back on track with sufficient pressure.

What should the water pressure be?

Your Vaillant boiler should have a water pressure of 1.5 according to the inbuilt pressure gauge. If the water pressure falls below 1.5, the boiler will still work, but if it drops below 0.3 bar, an error code will be displayed and the boiler will cease to function for your safety.

What are the Common Causes of a Vaillant F22 Fault code?

Insufficient water pressure can cause a Vaillant boiler to not ignite. This will prevent it from heating your water or your home. To fix the problem, it is important to identify the source of the problem.

Boilers lose pressure over time. However, the process is gradual. A boiler may have a leak if the pressure suddenly drops.

It is not a good idea to try to fix a Vaillant boiler leak yourself. A professional heating engineer should handle this job. You should immediately shut off the water supply to your home if you notice a leak around your boiler or around your pipes.

It is possible that your system is not leaking. Defective components in the boiler could include the pressure sensor, lead, or pump. This problem should be identified and fixed by a qualified boiler engineer.

How is the Vaillant Boiler F22 Fault Fixed

You can temporarily restart your boiler by raising the pressure while you wait for your Gas Safe registered technician.

Once your boiler and system have cooled, you will need to locate the charging link (also known as the filling ring).

Two grey plastic knobs will be found underneath a Vaillant ecoTec boiler. They will have a closed seal. These knobs can be turned to allow water to flow into your heating system and increase boiler pressure.

Other Vaillant boilers and boiler manufacturers will have an external filling loop that looks like a grey mesh flexible hose connecting two pipes. It will be located below the boiler, in a cylinder cupboard, or behind the washer machine.

After you locate the filling loop, both the valves on each side will have either flat head screwdriver slots or black plastic handles. To allow water to flow into your boiler and increase its pressure, both valves must be opened.

No matter what type of filling system you use, remember to close all valves and never leave the boiler unattended for more than 1 bar. This could lead to further damage.

After you have re-pressurised the boiler, you may need to reset it to clear the F22 error. Hold the reset button down for five seconds.

Quick Repair of the F22 Error Code

You will need to resolve this issue quickly, as an F22 error code in your Vaillant boiler could result in no hot water or central heating. A registered Gas Safe engineer is the best and most efficient way to fix this error code. A Gas Safe registered engineer is highly skilled in the repair of Vaillant boilers with an F22 error code but it is likely you can sort this boiler pressure issue

Are there other Vaillant Boiler Fault codes?

Vaillant boilers can display many error codes. F22 is only one possible error code. F61 fault is another in relation to gas valves. You may see an error code on your Vaillant boiler if you have an issue. If need to schedule a repair, please lget in touch with one of our recommended companies. They will then be able to repair your system and get it back up and running when we visit your home. You can be sure that the Gas Safe team is well-trained to handle any Vaillant boiler issue.

What can I do to fix this error code?

You could try to fix the Vaillant F22 error codes yourself but a registered Gas Safe engineer can help you resolve the problem quickly and safely. If you think it may be time for a new boiler then simply get a quote now in under 20 seconds.

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