F32 Vaillant boiler Fault code

What does the Vaillant F32 fault code mean?

If your Vaillant boiler displays the number followed by the letter F, it means that a fault is being detected. An error code on a Vaillant boiler can cause it to stop igniting and not work correctly stopping your hot water and central heating from turning on.

Vaillant F32 fault code occurs when there is a fault in the air system on ecoTEC boilers. This happens with all Vaillant ecoTEC models.

F32 errors can be triggered by a number of factors, such as a blocked flue pipe or leak, fan failure, and communication issues between the fan and the printed circuit board. If you are not skilled, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem yourself.

Replacement parts may also be required. Therefore with most Vaillant boilers, it is recommended that you seek a reliable GasSafe Registered engineer’s assistance if you see this error code.

What is the Vaillant F32 Fault and

An air fault activates the F32 code, which indicates a technical problem with fan operation. If the fan stops working properly, the waste gases are not removed from the system correctly. This causes the Vaillant boiler lockout to ensure safety.

The boiler’s display may not be a sign you want to see but the F32 code is an error message that points to a specific problem, making it easier to fix the root cause.

Vaillant boiler Fan Problems

The Vaillant boiler’s fan is a sturdy component. It is not likely it will fail. Moisture within the device can cause fan failure, which can affect the electronics. If the flue pipe installation is not correct, moisture can leak into the device and you should contact the heating engineer who fit it.

A jammed motor, damage to bearings, or age-related wear and tear could also be a possible reasons for fan problems. If you hear unusual sounds like a humming noise coming from your boiler this could indicate a problem. It is important to take note of the issue and notify the heating engineer so that they can identify the bearing damage and order a new fan.

PCB Communication Error

It is possible that the fan and printed circuit boards’ communication can be disrupted. Although the fan might still be working, it may not be detected by the PCB. The circuit board will stop causing the boiler to ignite for safety reasons and will prompt the F32 fault code. Once the boiler enters lockout, it will turn off.

Incorrectly installed or blocked flue pipe?

If the flue pipe is not properly installed, it can cause problems as water will return through the flue system to the boiler’s electronic parts.

Flue pipes usually have some type of protection to prevent air from clogging. However, if the guard is missing, it could be that the flue has blocked and triggered an error code. Even if there is a guard, it could be that the flue’s internal components are blocked. This happens when the pipe becomes blocked, not the component. This would activate F32 code.

How to fix F32 on a Vaillant boiler

How can I fix the F32 error myself?

Because diagnosing the problem can be complicated and may require replacing or removing blocks, you should consult a Gas Safe Engineer who will complete the repair.

How can an F32 fault code be repaired?

It is important to identify the root cause of this error code before you can resolve it.

A qualified professional can fix a blocked flue and implement additional preventative measures to avoid it from happening again. A new flue installation might be more cost-effective if the flue is old or complex. This would reduce the chance of an error code repeating and speed up repair.

The fan must be replaced if the flue was not installed correctly and causes an internal leak. To prevent future problems, you can correctly re-install the flue pipe. A fan replacement costs on average between £180 and £320, including labour.

It is possible that the problem is due to communication failure on the circuit board. This will likely be a costly repair. It would be costly to replace the PCB. A replacement boiler is also possible, especially if the boiler is old.

Does the Boiler need to be reset after fixing the F32 Error

After identifying and fixing the F32 fault, it is important to reset the boiler before you start it up again. This code is important to avoid causing further damage by resetting any Vaillant boiler.

You can get help with F32 errors by contacting a professional who will diagnose the problem.

My fan is humming – should I reduce the speed to fix it?

The fan speed can be reduced to reduce the humming sound, but it will not result in proper expulsion of any waste gases through the flue pipe.

If the gases are not expelled correctly, the boiler can lockout.

The fan speed can be reduced to reduce the annoying humming sound, but it will lead to a bigger problem later.

Do I need a new boiler?

Old Vaillant boilers can become inefficient as time passes, and if you add this to the fact that repairs are more likely and which will incur more damage and costs, then it may be time to consider getting a replacement to ensure that you have hot water and central heating all year round and no nasty expensive surprises!

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