F61 Vaillant fault code

What does the Vaillant F61 Error code mean?

As per the official website for Vaillant ecoTEC boilers:

Gas valve actuation fault


The gas valve cannot be actuated

 – Cable harness supply line to the gas valve is defective (short to earth, short circuit)

 – Gas valve defective

 – PCB defective

As this is a gas-related problem, make sure that you ponly use a fully qualified engineer to fix your heating system.

F61 fault codes on ecoTEC boilers

A fault in the gas valve could be causing a Vaillant ecoTEC boiler to display an F61 fault code. This could be a dangerous error so it is important to fix it as soon as possible save you replacing your boiler.

Your boiler’s printed circuit board monitors several sensors to determine whether it is operating safely and efficiently. If you see the Vaillant boiler F61 fault code it means that your boiler has been locked out to protect you.

What is the Vaillant F61 Error?

F61 faults are usually caused by a gas valve faulty or seized. These faults are common as mechanical parts that wear out over time. Sometimes, however, the problem may be caused by a fault with the valve, wiring issues, or communication errors in the boiler’s circuit boards.

What does F61 stand for on a Vaillant boiler

The F61 error code on Vaillant boilers means that either the gas valve or boiler components are not communicating properly. There are many reasons why such a fault might occur.

  • The valve has seized
  • Problems with wiring
  • Malfunctioning gas valve
  • Faulty printed circuit boards

A Gas Safe engineer should inspect your boiler to determine the root cause of the F61 code.

How to fix F61 Vaillant ecoTEC Error code

Faulty gas valve

  • A stuck gas valve may be freed meaning the gas supply can get back to normal. It will be necessary to have a Gas Safe boiler engineer assess the damage and repair it. They may have to replace the valve if they are unable to free it completely.
  • The gas valve may be partially stuck and allow gas to enter the boiler’s combustion chamber. This could be dangerous. This can lead to your boiler being starved of gas.

Wiring harness problems

  • Problems with wiring or connection. F61 error codes can also be caused by faulty wiring or connections. The fan or pump vibrations can cause wiring to be loosen. Alteration or a problem with the boiler, such as a leak that causes water damage, can also cause connections to become loose. You can repair and secure minor wiring and connection problems. Gas Safe engineers will often replace the gas valve in order to make sure the problem is fixed and the boiler is safe. This is often more cost-effective than having the boiler repaired.

Gas valve fault

  • Some gas valves cannot be repaired. Sometimes, it is not economically feasible to repair a gas valve because of wear and damage. To determine if this is true, a boiler engineer can test the valve. It might need to be replaced. If you have an old boiler it may be time to find out how much a new boiler costs

PCB fault (printed circuit board)

  • Fault with the printed circuit boards. F61 error codes can sometimes be caused by a defective gas valve. A problem with the wiring harness that connects the gas valve and the PCB could cause the issue.
  • Your boiler’s control center is the printed circuit board. It is the control hub for every electronic component so wiring problems can be a big issue. The boiler will not be functioning properly and shut down if the PCB is damaged. It can be expensive to replace the PCB so a new boiler would be recommended in this case.

Who can fix F61?

The Vaillant F61 fault code will reset the boiler for a time, but eventually a Gas Safe registered engineer will be required to diagnose and correct the problem.

The Vaillant F61 fault is due to a component failure in your Vaillant boiler. Only Gas Safe registered engineers are qualified to repair boilers.

If it is your second or third experience with this fault it may be time for a boiler replacement, or if the Vaillant boiler is new, we recommend that the engineer perform an annual boiler service. This includes system water analysis and inhibitor topping up.

What do I need to reset my Vaillant boiler after an F61?

A boiler will need to be reset after an error has occurred. An engineer can do this for you. However, you shouldn’t attempt to fix the F61 error code by restarting the boiler.

This may allow the boilers to start working again for a brief time, but the PCB will quickly detect the same error and cause the boiler lockout.

Calling a Gas Safe engineer is the only way to fix the error code. If

What Does a Gas Valve Replacement cost?

Gas valve replacements can run up to £300. Unfortunately, engineers are unlikely to have the right part on hand so they will need to order it. This may mean that you might have to wait for the boiler repair to take place and then come back for the full gas valve assembly. Always ensure that you only use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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