No hot water but heating working

Why is there no hot water from my boiler but the heating working?

Gas boilers that have no hot water are a common problem. Some boilers, such as those with broken diverter valves, will only heat water when the central heating is turned on. In other cases, hot water won’t work at all.

Hot water is often overlooked. It is easy to forget how important hot water is in our lives if we suddenly discover that the taps are not working one morning and are faced with a sudden boiler repair.

You’ll want to find out if your hot water isn’t hot and whether there are any solutions or if you need professional heating engineers to fix the issue or fit a new boiler. Find out what to do if your hot water stops working and what to do next.

Verify Your Gas, Electric, and Water Supplies

No matter what gas combi boiler, system boiler or any type of boiler you use, you must first verify that the gas supply is functioning properly.

You can also check that the water supply is still on. This is because they might have been accidentally turned off or had a power cut. If this is the case, simply turn it back on to get your hot water back up and running.

If the water is on, first, check your main fuse box for a power supply. This will determine if the circuit breaker has tripped or if it has blown. You should be able either to reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse if this happens. If the circuit breaker does not turn on, or the boiler trips it again after it has been reset, you should contact an electrician or engineer to have it repaired.

Try Resetting Your Boiler

Resetting the gas boiler can help if the boiler isn’t heating up enough to heat water. You can reset some boilers yourself without having to take out the boiler casing. You can use it to reset your boiler if yours has one. This could resolve the problem.

Thermostat Check

The thermostats on modern boilers make it easy to adjust the temperature of their hot water or radiator quickly. Make sure your thermostat is not accidentally set to a cold temperature. To check if your boiler is heating up, turn the thermostat up to high. If it does, your problem is solved.

Check the Timer and Clock

Make sure your boiler’s clock and timer are set correctly. Your boiler may not start at the time you expect if there is a power outage, an electrician turned off the electricity supply, or the clocks have been changed.

Is it The Diverter Valve

Your diverter valve could be the problem. If you have hot water not heating up from your shower or taps, your heating system may not be working properly. This allows combi boilers seamlessly switch between heating water and heating radiators.

When the hot tap turns on, the valve will open to allow hot water to be poured into the tap. Your hot water might not work if the diverter valve is stuck or faulty. To resolve this issue, you will need to have a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Is there an airlock in the pipes or central heating system?

There could be an issue with your hot water pipes if you don’t get hot water from your boiler. This can be fixed by connecting a hose to your cold tap and connecting it to the hot tap.

After the hot tap is fully opened, turn on the cold tap. The problem will be resolved by the high water mains pressure. To resolve the problem, you will need to have a Gas Safe engineer come out and drain your system.

Are the Pipes Frozen

A frozen condensate pipe is one of the most common causes of low hot water. Condensate pipes are located outside your house so in cold weather they can freeze and block. A frozen condensate pipe can be fixed by adding hot, but not boiling water to the pipe.

Is there low pressure in the boiler?

Low boiler pressure can cause many heating problems including a lack of hot water. Check the pressure gauge on your boiler. You can repressurise the boiler if it is below 1 bar of pressure or in the red zone.

If you can find the filling loop on your boiler you can try and top up the water pressure, if it stays that way then you’re fixed. If not, a faulty component or leaking water in the system could cause the problem. However, a Gas Safe engineer will be able to diagnose and fix the problem.

Is the Pilot Light Out?

The pilot light on your boiler may have gone out, which is a common reason for no hot water at the hot tap. This is necessary to ignite the gas inside the boiler that heats it. To ensure safety, you will need to follow the instructions of your model if your pilot light goes out. The thermocouple may be faulty if it doesn’t stay lit. To resolve this issue, you will need to have Gas Safe registered engineers.

Is there a leak?

Leaking water in your central heating system can cause the pressure to drop and hot water loss. Our recommended heating experts can help you determine if your central heating system has a leak. To resolve the problem, a Gas Safe registered engineer will be required to locate the source of the leak and make repairs.

No hot water supply from combi boiler?

Low flow rates

Combi boilers can experience low flow rates in cold weather. This could lead to you thinking that your combi boiler doesn’t have hot water. Although the boiler will continue to work perfectly, the flow rate of water between heat exchanges will decrease. Simply turn the hot tap on at a slower speed than normal.

Boiler lockouts

A boiler lockout refers to a shutdown procedure. This is a sequence of shut-down initiated by the boiler when it notices that something is not right.

There are many reasons why a boiler could lockout. Some of these have been discussed above.

A fault code will be displayed on the display panel. You will now have the information you need to go to our page about common boiler lockouts and their solutions.

Shower only

There are several explanations for why you don’t get hot water in your shower.

  • The shower mixer valve is broken or stuck
  • The anti-scalding device was not in the correct position

It is necessary to replace or repair the mixing valve if it becomes stuck or breaks. You should have it replaced, regardless of the cost.

Most showers with a modern design will have an anti-scalding feature. You won’t get hot water from your shower if the setting is too high. This knob controls the heat of your shower. Sometimes, you can adjust the setting to fix the problem.

It’s unlikely that this has changed suddenly. We’d recommend heading to the mixing valve unless you have just moved in.

What next if there is no hot water coming from your boiler?

If you have had a qualified engineer have a look and the cant get your boiler working, the nit may be best to try and get a brand new one. It may also prompt you to think about getting boiler cover and an annual service.

Older boilers can continue to cause issues and you want to make sure that your heating works all year round. Why not get a fixed price from one of our recommended boiler engineers and get a new boiler installed in your home in under 24 hours?

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