No water coming out of tap

Why is there no water coming out of my tap?

Why is there no water coming from the tap when it’s turned on?

If you have no running water, this can be a serious problem that can disrupt your daily life and household routine.

The faucets or taps that control the flow of water from the source are responsible. Your taps are subject to wear and tear due to everyday use. They can eventually stop working for many reasons. So, Why is water not coming from the tap?

Here are some common reasons your tap may have stopped working and what you can do to fix it.

Check your other taps for water supply

If there is no water coming from the tap when it is turned on, you should check to see if any other household taps are also not working.

To check if cold water is coming out, you can try other faucets such as bathroom taps and kitchen taps. You can assume that the problem is only with one tap if all your taps work fine.

You may have to replace the faucet or clear a blockage from the clogged pipes. Knowing how many taps are affected will help you determine the extent of the problem. You can also call your supplier to inquire about the issue.

Check your hot water

If the issue isn’t your cold water, you can also check your hot tap’s water supply to determine the source of your problems. Your boiler could be damaged if cold water comes out of your tap but hot water continues to flow.

Your water heater may stop working for many reasons. Your boiler could stop working due to sediment buildup, a leak, or it may not have a power supply. You should flush the water heater and allow it to heat up if you suspect it is the problem. If hot water is still not coming from the taps or your boiler, you could flush it again but there is likely to be a bigger issue such as sediment build up or a water leak,

Check your mains supply

If there is no water coming from the tap when it is turned on, check that your water mains supply are open. If your main stop valve is shut, no water will flow through the mainline and your faucets. It is recommended that you open your stop valve and test your taps again.

If you have opened your stop tap or main valve and can hear running water but there is no water coming out of tap, contact a plumber right away.

Check for frozen pipes

A Frozen pipe can sometimes cause tap problems. Frozen pipes can cause water to stop flowing from your faucets. Check to see if the pipe connecting to your tap is frozen. To get water flowing again, unfreeze it with a hairdryer or cooled down warm water from a kettle.

If there is a leak that has caused the frozen pipes, then make sure you get this fixed as soon as possible by calling a plumber.

Check for leaks

Leaks are the leading cause of no water from your tap. Leaks in the plumbing pipes could be the reason your tap isn’t running. Leaks can cause water pressure to drop and prevent water from flowing completely. Check your water supply lines to see if there are any drips or dents. Contact your plumber if you find any leaks or have low water pressure.

Check with your supplier and neighbours

Your water supplier may have shut off your service if no water comes out of any household taps. Water companies could have shut off your water supply due to neglecting to pay your bill or for onsite maintenance or burst water main.

Ask your neighbours if they have the same problem before you contact your supplier. Your tap problems could be related to a larger problem if your neighbors’ taps stop running.

If this happens, you should contact your water company to determine if the service has been shut down due possibly due to water leaks in mains water pipes and when it will be restored.

Check for blockages in plumbing pipes

A blockage in the plumbing pipes may be the reason for your tap problems, even if you find no leaks. The blockage of the water supply is usually caused by sediment buildup. This can be caused by limescale, rust or debris, as well as heavy metal deposits.

Call your plumber if you suspect your pipes may be blocked. Heritage Plumbing would conduct a drain camera inspection in order to identify the source of the blockage. We will then clear it with a high-pressure jet.

Check for rust

Rust can cause your taps to stop working. Rust can build up on the tap’s exterior and cause it to stop working. Rust can build up from wear and tear, and cause blockages.

You should replace your faucet if you find any rust. To ensure a smooth installation, we recommend you call a qualified plumber or heating engineer.

Check for damaged tap washer

If there is no water coming from the tap when it is turned on, this could be due to a damaged or loose tap washer. The tap washer can cause your tap to stop producing water completely or reduce its water supply to a trickle. You should replace your tap washer if your tap produces only a trickle.

A dislodged washer is often responsible for excessive whistling and chattering sounds coming from your tap. To avoid any further problems, you should replace or repair your washer immediately.

If you decide to repair it yourself, ensure that you shut off the water supply first but as this is a plumbing problem we recommend calling someone suitably qualified.

Consider bad plumbing work

If you decide to solve these plumbing issues and do it yourself, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and instructions. An inferior installation is one of the most common causes of stopping running water in your home. It could also lead to leaks and damaged faucets that can stop the water flow.

To avoid DIY problems and ensure your taps work properly, you need to hire a trained plumber to install your faucets.

Don’t panic if you find yourself in a situation where there is no water coming from your tap. The water is usually not flowing because of a simple problem. You can get your tap working again by checking with your supplier and finding leaks in plumbing and pipe work.

You can choose to repair it yourself or hire a professional plumber. The goal is to make sure that the repairs are done safely, efficiently, and quickly so that you can get back to your normal life.

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