Reset vaillant boiler

How to reset a Vaillant boiler

Vaillant boilers that are not powering up properly can be a sign of a serious problem and leave you without central heating and no hot water. However, modern devices will automatically enter “lockout” if there is an issue or potential safety risk. Your Vaillant boiler may shut down due to a variety of reasons.

Here is a list of common Vaillant boiler problems that can be fixed by pressing the gas boiler reset button:

  • Gas supply is poor
  • Leaking water in the boiler heating system
  • Low pressure
  • Overheating
  • Faulty electrical component
  • The device may have worn-out or damaged components.
  • Blocked heat exchange
  • Insufficient flue intake
  • Ignition failure

If any of these occur or a reset is necessary for another reason, A Vaillant ecoTEC boiler will display an error such as fault code F21 to indicate the pilot light problem.

What’s a Boiler Lockout?

A Vaillant boiler lockout is when the heating system fails to work properly. You will get no hot water to your taps or central heating system at all with a lockout. For modern boilers, a reset is the most common solution. And, therefore a reset is usually the first solution to fix the issue.

Where is the Vaillant reset button?

First, locate the button that resets your boiler. On Vaillant ecoTEC boilers you’ll find it near the display screen. However, some boilers use a reset dial instead of a button. For more information, refer to your instruction manual.

How to reset your Vaillant boiler

Before you attempt to reset your Vaillant boiler you need to first resolve the problem. You can check the boiler error code displayed on your boilers display screen.

Then, refer to your instruction manual for details about the issue. Except for minor repairs (Frozen condensate pipe or bleeding radiators), any errors should be inspected by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

After you are satisfied with the resolution, the next steps can be taken:

  • Find the reset button on your boiler
    You will see a flame, flashing or cross on the button. It should also be clearly marked RESET in your instruction book. This will be clearly marked in your boiler’s instruction manual. It will also include a detailed diagram for your particular model.
  • Hold the reset button down.
    Do not press the reset button more than once. This could cause damage to the boiler’s control panel. This could lead to higher repair costs.
  • For 3 seconds, hold the reset button.
    After holding down the button for 3 seconds, your boiler should be visible as changes on the display. Do not hold down for longer than 10 seconds. We recommend calling a Gas Safe Engineer if a fault code is still present after a reset.
  • Additional resets
    If the lockout continues or reoccurs after three resets, you should seek assistance from a heating engineer.

Resetting an ecoTEC boiler might be necessary.

It’s possible that your boiler has been reset successfully without further problems. Your boiler’s shutting down could be an indication of serious or major issues that need to be addressed in order to prevent further damage or lockouts.

If you find that your boiler is constantly locked out, it should be fixed immediately. Talk to a Gas Safe registered engineer if you have any questions or consider replacing your boiler.

Gas supply or ignition failure

The gas supply or ignition failure could cause a boiler lockout. There are many reasons why a boiler lockout could occur. The most common include a blocked flue, faulty gas valves, or issues with the ignition lead. A Gas Safe engineer will be required to examine the problem before resetting it.

Low pressure

Your water pressure may be too low if it drops below 1.5 on the pressure gauge. This is something that you might be able to resolve on your own. If you have Follow the instructions in the manual to repressurise the boiler.

However, if you find a leak, a Gas Safe registered heating engineer will be required to fix it.

High pressure

Your pressure gauge should not read above 2.5. You can resolve this by removing the radiators.

If that fails to resolve the problem, you should contact a qualified engineer.

Boiler overheating

A blocked system or a failing pump could cause water to rise above a set temperature and heat the boiler. The boiler will shut down automatically as a safety measure. These issues must be dealt with by a professional, so you shouldn’t attempt to fix them yourself. If this problem persists its probably safer to get a boiler replacement in the long run.

Settings for the thermostat

The thermostat controls the boiler heating system and ensures that the temperature of the property is maintained at your preferred level.

The thermostat will not turn on if it is in a room with a temperature higher than your thermostat. If the thermostat temperature is not correct, adjust it. The boiler should then start to heat up. The ideal home temperature is 18-21 degrees Celsius.

Check the timer

The boiler might not heat up as you expect it to after a power cut. If this happens, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual for how to adjust the timer settings.

Check the fuse Box

If the boiler is not working but the other electronic devices in the house are, then check the fuse box. It may be a trip switch that must be reset.

Before you attempt to troubleshoot, it is important that you refer to the instructions manual for your boiler. If in doubt, contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

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