Vaillant F62 fault code

The Vaillant F62 fault code is an indication that the gas valve has failed on your boiler. This could be due to the valve becoming stuck, or a communication problem between the valve’s electronics and the valve. The problem should be addressed by a Gas Safe Engineer. Usually, parts will need to be replaced.

Vaillant F62 error code refers to a faulty gas valve in Vaillant EcoTec Plus and EcoTec Pro models.

What does a Vaillant F62 Error mean?

The Vaillant boiler F62 errors indicate that the gas valve has failed and will cause a lockout.

The boiler will fire up when hot water is needed or heat central heating. It will require a supply gas to heat the water. The boiler’s gas valve regulates the flow of gas.

When hot water/heating is required, the valve should be opened. If it is left open, gas can leak into your home. This is extremely dangerous and if you have a gas leak or smell gas, then you should call the emergency gas line.

The boiler detects a defective gas valve and triggers a lockout. Your boiler will then not turn on. As a precaution, shut off the gas supply to your boiler and contact a Gas Safe engineer for assistance.

What Causes the Vaillant F62 Error

The Vaillant F62 fault code, unlike other error codes is caused by one cause: The gas valve isn’t opening or closing correctly. There are many possible causes for this.

Gas Valve with Stuck

Over time, mechanical parts can wear or become clogged. It is possible that your boiler’s gas valve has become stuck and cannot regulate the gas flow.

Faulty PCB

The F62 fault code could be activated by the PCB sending signals to the valve to open or close at inappropriate times and could lead to the gas valve leaking. This would allow gas through the valve when it isn’t necessary and prevent it from flowing when it is.

Intermittent connection with the PCB

If the gas valve is unable to communicate with the PCB consistently, it will not receive instructions on how to open or close the valve. This causes the F62 error code.

How to Fix an F62 Vaillant Boiler Error

The problem can be resolved by replacing or removing the damaged or stuck gas valve. Sometimes, the problem will require a replacement PCB.

This can be a lengthy process. This is because it is unlikely that the plumber has the right parts on hand. It can take several hours to repair this error code.

The engineer will check your boiler for any leaks if faulty electronics are the source of the problem.

Although these leaks are usually fixable, water-damaged electronics parts and PCBs may need to be replaced. It’s worth considering the cost of repairs versus the cost of a brand new boiler.

How can you fix a Vaillant boiler F62 error yourself?

This type of error is legally handled by a Gas Safe Engineer. It can be dangerous and expensive to try to fix a gas-related problem yourself. You must immediately call an engineer if you notice the F62 error.

It is a good idea, as with any gas-related problem, to turn off your gas supply until an engineer arrives.

Is an F62 Error Signifying My Vaillant Boiler Is Broken?

This is not a fatal mistake. This could be a sign that your gas valve is broken or that your electronics need to be repaired. A new PCB replacement might be required. However, this is expensive and it is better to buy a new boiler.

Can I Use the Boiler With an F62 Error code?

An F62 error code will cause the boiler to lock out. This is because the boiler is unsafe to use. Many boiler error codes will trigger a lockout, particularly if they are gas-related. These problems can be very dangerous.

What do I need to reset my Vaillant boiler after an F62?

Although the Vaillant boiler can be reset once the error is fixed, it’s not intended to be used as an all-encompassing fix.

Resetting the boiler after the error has been resolved will only temporarily clear the error code. If the same error is detected again, a lockout will be triggered and an error code F62 displayed.

After an engineer has fixed the problem, the boiler will be reset for you to start it back up.

What is the cost to resolve an F62 error?

Gas valve replacement can be expensive at up to £350. Replacing a PCB can cost as much as £580. If your boiler is older than five years, it’s probably more cost-effective to buy a new boiler than a replacement.

You can see several fault codes. How do I know which one is correct?

Vaillant boilers cannot pinpoint the exact cause of their failure. The error codes are meant to be a guide for diagnosing the problem, not a diagnosis.

You will see several error codes, which could all be related to the same thing. For example, an F62 might be displayed alongside an F28 and F29. Both F28 and F29 indicate that the gas valve has been adjusted incorrectly. F62 indicates that the valve is defective.

Although the cause of the problem has not been determined, the combination code indicates to an engineer that it is most likely the gas valve.

Does the F62 error mean I need a new Vaillant boiler?

All the top Gas Safe engineers are available to help you price your job but if you have an older boiler then the f62 fault code could just be the start of more fault codes. If your Vaillant ecoTEC boiler is over 10 years old it may be more economical to consider looking at new Vaillant boilers with the intention of a replacement.

New boilers are much more energy efficient too so you will start saving on your energy bills right away.

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