Worcester 224 fault code

What Does Worcester Code 224 Mean?

If your boiler is heating up, it could be causing Worcester error code 224. A boiler that is too hot will cause it to stop functioning. Then, the error code 224 will be disapplied to notify you.

E9 224: Maximum temperature thermostat activated

  • Cause code: 224
  • Reset type: Click the Reset button
  • Possible Cause: Flue gas thermostat heating

What causes the Worcester Error code 224?

Boiler lockout is when a boiler heats up too quickly. Modern boilers have this safety feature. Before it can start working again, the system must be checked, cooled down and reset.

Overheating a boiler can be caused by many things.

  • Blocked pressure release valve
  • A blocked condensate pipe
  • Your fan is at fault
  • Pump fault

You must fix the problem that caused your boiler to heat up. If it doesn’t, you may be putting your family and yourself at risk.

What happens if I ignore the Worcester Error code E9 224?

You may need to replace your boiler if you don’t address the fault code 224, or if you continue to ignore it. If you have problems with an older boiler, a new boiler is recommended every 10-15 years.

A new boiler is an option if your system isn’t old enough. However, it is best to respond immediately to any error codes to save time, money, and hassle.

E9 224 – What is the problem with an overheated boiler?

Boiler components can melt and emit toxic smoke if they are overheated. The worst-case scenario is that the boiler could explode.

Modern boilers are safer than ever thanks to their safety features and the high pressures that they can still operate at, so the potential dangers of boiler overheating no longer seem as serious as they were.

Is it possible for a boiler to explode if it is too hot?

Boiler overheating can cause severe damage if it isn’t addressed immediately.

It is important to emphasize that this is unlikely. Modern boilers lockout immediately they detect an issue, which is especially true for modern boilers.

You should have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually to ensure it is safe. You should also replace your boiler if it was installed over 10 years ago. This will allow you to get the most recent safety features.

How to fix an overheating boiler

The problem that is causing the boiler to heat up will determine how to fix it. A professional will be required to fix all of the problems we have listed.

When it comes to servicing, repair and installation of boilers, it is important to hire an experienced engineer. The wrong person could cause your boiler to overheat or worse.

How Much Will it Cost to Fix the Worcester Error 224?

The cost of fixing your boiler will be decided on by exactly what the problem is caused by, and this can only be diagnosed by an engineer visit. The best way to keep costs low is to use an experienced Gas Safe registered engineer who knows all about the Worcester boiler brand and the Greenstar range.

Gas Safe registered engineers are the only ones who can work on a boiler. When looking for a heating engineer to work on a gas boiler, ensure they are listed on the Gas Safe Register.

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