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Homeserve boiler prices including full installation review

Homeserve is a large company that provides home services such as boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler service, insurance, and cover. Here we look at how much a Homeserve new boiler costs.

Homeserve boiler prices start from £2,000

With its thousands of employees, Homeserve will be able to install a replacement boiler in your home quickly across the UK. But being such a large company, boiler installation prices can be higher due to the number of overheads and commission paid to employees.

Homeserve New Boiler Options

With any Homeserve new boiler replacement, you will be given a range of recommended options from the best gas combi boilers suitable to your home.

They provide new boilers from the 3 main types of boiler replacements that are the most common in the UK: Combi boilers, system boilers, and regular or conventional boilers.

Homeserve Boiler Installations

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All Homeserve new gas boiler installations will be carried out by one of their many Gas Safe registered heating engineers.

Anything that involves gas in your home should only ever be changed or fixed by a Gas Safe installer.

Any prices quoted for a new boiler from Homeserve will include the labour costs for the full installation on the right boiler.

Choosing a new boiler from Homeserve

When choosing a Homeserve new boiler the main thing is to get the right type for your home. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing your new replacement boiler:

  • When you contact Homeserve for your free boiler quotes they will ask you what boiler type you currently have. If you just have a single boiler unit and no tanks in your home you will have a combi boiler.
  • If you have a hot water tank in your home, usually found in an airing cupboard you will have a system or regular boiler. If you need a new hot water tank these are not included in the boiler installation costs.
  • If you have a regular boiler or conventional boiler you will also have a cold water storage tank at a height in your home as well as a hot water cylinder. If you are unsure you can always discuss this and Homeserve will recommend an A rated boiler to you that will be perfect for your needs.
homeserve boiler prices ideal logic combi boiler

New Homeserve Boiler Brands To Choose From

Like any good new boiler replacement company, Homeserve Group offers a range of different boiler brands.

They offer new boilers from the top manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi & more. If you have a particular new boiler brand in mind that you want to use, then just let them know and they should be able to arrange this for you. All their new boiler should be hydrogen ready combi boilers too, so you don’t have to worry about the gas boiler ban.

Cost of Homeserve New Boiler Installation

Here is a list of new boilers Homeserve should be able to install and the new boiler cost. These prices are estimate quotes from the Homeserve site for direct combi boiler swap and keeping the boiler in the same location with a horizontal flue.

Boiler BrandModelOutputBoiler TypeEnergy RatingHomeserve Installation Prices
Baxi40024 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,200
Baxi20024 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,100
Baxi10024 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,050
Worcester BoschGreenstar 8000 Life30 kWCombi BoilerA rated£3,500
Worcester BoschGreenstar 8000 Style35 kWCombi BoilerA rated£3,700
ViessmannVitodens 100-W26 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£3,200
ViessmannVitodens 050-W29 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,900
IdealLogic+24 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,100
IdealVogue26 kWCombi BoilerA Rated£2,800

What is included in Homeserve boilers Prices?

homeserve boiler prices baxi 800 combi boiler

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in the actual new boiler installation quote from Homeserve.

  • New boiler unit £500-£2,500
  • Gas Safe registered boiler installation labour costs £800 – £2,000
  • Materials including pipework £200-£800
  • Boiler Flue £100 – £400
  • Magnetic filters £100 – £250
  • Chemical Flush £150 – £200
  • Boiler controls or smart thermostats £50 – £250
  • Removal and disposal of old boiler £100

As you can see, the Homserve new boiler costs start to add up when you put all the separate parts together. The highest costs are the brand new boiler and the cost of labour.

When you replace your boiler with Homserve you are getting professional installation, top boiler brands, and parts. Whilst the costs are high, getting a new A-rated energy efficient boiler can save you money on your annual energy bill.

Different ways to pay for Homeserve new boiler costs

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There are several payment options available to you with Homeserve new boilers. Because more often than not, if you need a new boiler it is usually because of a surprise boiler breakdown from a usually reliable boiler.

Therefore Homserve offers different ways to pay for their boiler deals.

  • Outright payment once the installation is complete
  • Boiler finance by spreading the cost of the boiler and paying monthly
  • 0% interest boilers on finance over 2 years
  • 9.9% Apr finance over 3 years plus with a deposit

As you can see with the option to buy now and pay later you can get a new heating system installed and pay nothing until after your installation date.

If you want to get Homeserve’s best boiler quotes and servicing for your new boiler, however, you can by signing up for a Homeserve membership.

homeserve boiler prices trust pilot reviews

Homeserve Reviews

Homeserve has been installing, repairing and maintaining central heating systems for a long time and has over 59,000 reviews on Trust Pilot alone.

Over 83% of these reviews are excellent or good. Overall Homeserve is rated excellent with a score of 4.3 out of 5.

Homeserve new boiler cost conclusion

As you can see from the prices above, Homserve is one of the more expensive boiler installation companies out there. Companies such as Boiler Central can offer you the same boilers for over £500 less.

Homeserve specialises more in the repair and maintenance of boilers rather than installation, so when they actually install a boiler their prices are higher as they have higher costs for contracted engineers.

Here at New Boiler Costs, we like to compare all the best manufacturers, so if you’re looking for similar boilers then check out our other manufacturers such as Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Potterton & more. You can always click get a quote to get recommended combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers suited to your home. We can even find you prices for oil boilers & electric boilers.

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