Moving Boiler Cost: How Much Does It Cost to Move a boiler?

how much does it cost to move a boiler
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Moving a gas boiler to a new location in your home will cost you between £250 & £600. The full moving boiler cost will include parts such as copper piping and labour. Relocating your boiler isn’t a quick job but if you need to do it then we have a breakdown of what is involved and how much you will pay.

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How much does it cost to move a boiler?

Moving a boiler is a costly affair there are no two ways about it, so it might be worth making sure that you definitely want or need to move your boiler. Even just moving your boiler a couple of inches can incur extra cost so always check first with your engineer or boiler installer.

Cost of moving a boiler – Should you do it?

People move boilers for many reasons, but one of the main ones is to create space. One of the most common places to install a boiler is in a kitchen cupboard. If you have space elsewhere for your boiler then you could create more space in your kitchen.

Also, when people are making home improvements a boiler move may be necessary to knock walls down or for pipework to be moved. This would be a good time to move a boiler also as it will save you from having to have it done at a later date. Most of the best combi boilers are designed to fit in tight spaces.

How much does moving a boiler cost within my home?

If you have a boiler that’s working perfectly fine but is in the way then you can pay someone to move it for you.

Even moving your boiler slightly will incur gas engineer call-out and labour costs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common boiler moves that people choose and how much each situation will cost. If you want to know for sure, you can get a boiler quote in under 20 seconds.

cost to move a boiler

What costs are involved in moving a boiler?

Here is a short list of where most of your money will be spent in each scenario:

  • Labour costs
  • Adding & moving pipework
  • Moving Electrics
  • Re-installing boiler flue
  • New flue may be required
  • System checks

How much to move a boiler within the same room – £250

As this is classed as a small move & there probably isn’t too much extra pipework involved, then the cost to move a boiler in the same room is pretty low compared to a big move.

Even moving a boiler a few feet will take longer to install, therefore incurring more labour costs.

cost to move a boiler

Cost to move a boiler to another room or airing cupboard – £400

If you are wanting to move your boiler from the kitchen to a utility room then the cost will be the same as if you want to move it from your kitchen to the garage.

This assumes that the room isn’t going to be too far away and the extra labour costs will involve laying the extra pipework and installing a new flue. 

Cost to relocate boiler into a loft or attic – £600

Moving a boiler from downstairs to the loft or attic will mean a higher boiler installation price. There is the extra labour costs of moving all the pipework, the copper piping itself, and the likelihood of having to install a vertical flue that goes through the roof.

The time taken to do all this will be considerable, so it may take more than 2 days to complete therefore justifying the higher price. 

How Much does it cost to install a new boiler in a new location

If you need a new boiler but also want it in a different location then you will have to pay the relocation fee on top of what it would be to keep your boiler in the same place. Here is our boiler relocation cost guide:

Standard Boiler Install Cost – No Move£1,600
New Boiler & New Location – Same Room£1,850
New Boiler & New Location – Next Room£2,000
New Boiler & New Location – Loft or Attic£2,200

Moving Boiler Prices

As you can see the initial new boiler costs are high enough, so when you add relocating your boiler too, the costs start to add up. You can always get a fixed price quote too online with Boiler Central if you want to make sure that there won’t be any sneakily added extras on your installation bill.

Here are some of the best new boilers you can get included with any boiler relocation:

How long does it take to move a boiler?

How long it takes to move your boiler completely depends on how far away from any current gas pipework you want it.

If you are wanting your boiler quite far away from any gas piping then the gas engineer will have to lay more piping, therefore taking longer. Most boiler installations with relocations will take less than a day, but they can take up to 2 days, or even 3 days if you have a back boiler. 

Can I move my existing boiler?

Yes of course. If your current gas boiler is working fine, then there is no reason to get a brand new boiler.

If the gas engineer is qualified and completed the work properly, your current boiler should just continue working as it is. This will also save you money by not having to pay for a new boiler.

Changing a boiler type and moving its location

If you want to change your boiler type and move its location then you can. This can be a great option if you want to change from a system boiler to a combi boiler as you can install your new combi where the hot water cylinder used to be.

As combi boilers become more capable and hot water demands in people’s homes change, switching boiler types can prove cost-effective. A system boiler may be too powerful and uneconomical for just 2 people living together. 

Where can I move a boiler to?

The best places are rooms that have an external wall and are relatively near your current gas pipework. This will help keep costs down.

Technically you can move a boiler to anywhere in your home but it is not recommended to have a boiler in a room that doesn’t have an external wall. Before going into the details, the costs involved would be very high due to the labour involved. 

Here are the most common places to move your boiler to:

Let’s take a look at where people tend to move their boilers to and what problems if any, they may find:

Moving boiler to airing cupboards

These are great places to move boilers to as there is usually easy access to pipework if a tank has been removed and there is always more than enough space to install a boiler easily. 

Moving boiler to utility Rooms

Utility rooms are perfect for boilers usually, they are usually out of the way so you can’t hear your boiler and there is generally space for the boiler to fit nicely. This also makes them a good location for gas engineers to install them as they can get easy access to all the parts and external walls. 

Moving boilers to garages

Garages can be a good place to move a boiler to if it is brick-built, insulated, and joined onto the property itself. It needs to be brick-built so that the wall is strong enough to hold a wall-mounted boiler and joined onto the property to protect the pipework.

If you are moving a boiler to a garage, ensure that it is insulated properly to stop the boiler from freezing in winter. 

Moving a boiler to bedrooms

Bedrooms are a less common option as carbon monoxide is always a risk if a boiler experiences any faults or isn’t installed properly. Also, boilers can get noisy when they are working at full power.

If you don’t mind the humming of a boiler heating up when someone jumps in the bath on a morning and you are confident the boiler has been moved correctly then this is an option. If this is something you are thinking about, try a boiler with a Quiet Mark accreditation.

Moving boilers to attics or lofts 

If you really want to move your boiler right out of the way then an attic or loft is an option. If you do this you may want to consider a new boiler as there will be less likelihood of having to go up and fix it.

You should also consider ease of access as the boiler needs to be accessed at least once a year to be serviced. Moving your boiler to the loft or attic will also require a vertical flue coming out of your roof. 

Should I Move my Boiler? – Conclusion

You should move your boiler if you want to create space, assist with home improvements or change your boiler type. Moving your boiler is costly but if you can afford to do so and it suits your needs then it is always an option. IF it is costly, you could however get new boiler finance to help towards spreading the cost.

Always ensure that you use a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you are wanting a new boiler as well, you can always get a fixed price quote on any new boilers and relocations at Boiler Central. 

Here at New Boiler Costs, we like to compare all the best manufacturers, so if you’re looking for a certain make or model or just browsing, check out our other pages for Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Alpha, Potterton & more. You can always click get a quote to get recommended combi boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers suited to your home.

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