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Finding the right boiler at the right price can be a stressful time. There are so many choices from different manufacturers that it can feel pretty overwhelming as you try to work out what’s going to be the best option for your heating needs.

Potterton Boiler Prices – Choosing the right boiler to buy

Potterton boilers prices start from as little as £625 right up to £1,490 without installation. For many of us, the new boiler cost is a major consideration when researching heating options. So, this article is here to help you to understand which boilers from Potterton fall within your budget while also identifying those that can provide the hot water and heat that you need for your home.

Potterton Combi Boilers Prices – From £625 to £1,490

Combi boilers are an excellent option for high levels of efficiency and for removing the need for water tanks and storage of hot water. There are a few situations where a regular or system boiler could be a better fit. These are generally around homes with multiple bathrooms and where you need to have hot water from several outlets all at the same time.

Potterton Titanium Combi Boiler

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The highly efficient Potterton Titanium condensing boiler is fully modulating, meaning that it regulates its output to suit demand. This then makes a huge difference to the running costs of the boiler and enables it to be endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. In addition, it’s fitted with a mechanical 24hour clock making it easy to program to your needs.

The Titanium is available in 4 different power outputs, 24kW, 28kW, 33kW, and 40kW, so it’s suitable for a wide range of property sizes. For example, the 40kW output has a flow rate of 16.1 litres per minute, so that will be able to cope with the demands of a three-bedroom home, while the 24kW can produce 9.8 litres of hot water, making it more suitable for an apartment.

Ease of installation is a key feature of the Titanium with a wall mounting plate and flue options of up to 20 metres, making it easier to site the boiler where you want it to be. These are some of Potterton’s more expensive boilers, so if you need to spread the cost then you can with boiler finance.

Potterton Gold Combi

The Potterton Gold combi is well known for its high levels of reliability which makes it an excellent choice for busy families and a popular choice for landlords. It’s available in three power outputs, 24kW, 28kW and 33kW.

Potterton Gold Combi Prices

potterton boiler prices gold

Despite its compact size, the Gold Combi has a range of features to ensure efficient operation. It’s rated at 92%, meaning that there is minimal wasting of energy in the production of our hot water. And that means a saving on energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Gold Combi features built-in frost protection so that you don’t need to worry if you’re away from home when there’s a cold spell of weather. However, it does come with just two years parts and labour warranty. So, with that in mind, we strongly suggest taking a look at boiler cover plans to ensure that you’re covered when the warranty comes to an end.

Potterton Promax Combi

The Potterton Promax combi is available in three output levels, 24kW, 28kW and 33kW. This makes it most suitable for a smaller two-to-three-bedroom home where there isn’t a high demand on the hot water supply.

potterton boiler prices promax

The Promax’s environmental credentials come from its fully automated gas and air modulation when then results in the effective control of emission release. This can help save money also when used with a smart thermostat.

The Promax can be fitted with Potterton’s Multifit flue options, so that means that the flue can be fitted horizontally or vertically across a distance of up to 20 metres which makes moving a boiler to anywhere in your home an option. The Promax is now completely compliant with the ErP Directive and is SEDBUK rated into band A

Compare Potterton Combi Boiler Prices

Boiler ModelWarrantyTypical Price
Potterton Titanium 24kW Combi Gas Boiler7 years£850
Potterton Titanium 28kW Combi Gas Boiler7 years£835
Potterton Titanium 33kW Combi Gas Boiler7 years£925
Potterton Titanium 40kW Combi Gas Boiler7 years£935
Potterton Gold Combi 24kW Gas Boiler2 years£625
Potterton Gold Combi 28kW Gas Boiler2 years£705
Potterton Gold Combi 33kW Gas Boiler2 years£825
Potterton Promax 24kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,065
Potterton Promax 28kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£910
Potterton Promax 33kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,100
Potterton Promax Ultra 24kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,100
Potterton Promax Ultra 28kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£950
Potterton Promax Ultra 33kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,490
Potterton Promax Ultra 40kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,420
Potterton Assure 25kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£814
Potterton Assure 30kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,006
Potterton Assure 36kW Combi Gas Boiler2 years£1,119

Potterton System Boilers prices

System boilers are an excellent option for where you need to be sure of being able to supply several outlets with hot water all at the same time. So, that might mean a large household where several bathrooms are all in use in the morning rush. Of course, you also need to have a hot water cylinder that stores the heated water, but the cold supply is fed directly from the mains, removing the need for a cold-water tank.

Potterton Ultra System Boiler Prices

potterton boiler prices ultra system

If you’re looking for a system boiler with high levels of efficiency, then the Potterton Ultra is worth taking a closer look at. It has an 89% efficiency level and is available in 5 different power outputs, 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 28kW condensing units. All these options make it a good choice for a back boiler replacement.

A key feature of the Ultra is that it’s compatible with the Baxi Multifit GasSaver. This innovative technology sits between the boiler and the flue and recycles what would have been waste flue gases. So, rather than entering the atmosphere, they can now be used to heat your water supply.  It’s estimated that the GasSaver can reduce your gas bill by up to 37% making it a worthwhile investment.  And if you’re looking at other ways of reducing both your energy consumption and your carbon footprint, the Ultra system boiler is also compatible with the Megaflo eco solar cylinder.

Compare Potterton System Boiler Prices

Boiler ModelWarrantyTypical Price
Potterton Promax System 12kW Gas Boiler2 years£845
Potterton Promax System 15kW Gas Boiler2 years£935
Potterton Promax System 18kW Gas Boiler2 years£830
Potterton Promax System 24kW Gas Boiler2 years£875
Potterton Promax System 32kW Gas Boiler2 years£965
Potterton Ultra System 12kW Gas Boiler2 years£678
Potterton Ultra System 15kW Gas Boiler2 years£900
Potterton Ultra System 18kW Gas Boiler2 years£1,332
Potterton Ultra System 21kW Gas Boiler2 years£1,322
Potterton Ultra System 24kW Gas Boiler2 years£1,800
Potterton Assure 15kW System Gas Boiler2 years£912
Potterton Assure 18kW System Gas Boiler2 years£930
Potterton Gold 28kW System Gas Boiler2 years£928
Potterton Gold 18kW System Gas Boiler2 years£635
Potterton Gold 24kW System Gas Boiler2 years£676
Potterton Gold 28kW System Gas Boiler2 years£800
Potterton Assure 24kW System Gas Boiler2 years£850
Potterton Assure 12kW System Gas Boiler2 years£900

Potterton Regular Boilers Prices

Suppose you already have a regular boiler installed, along with the necessary hot water cylinder and cold-water tank. In that case, when the times comes for a new boiler, the easiest option is to stay with the same method for your hot water supplies. Unlike some boiler manufacturers who have reduced their offering within this category, Potterton still offers a range of regular boilers to choose from.

Potterton Assure Heat Regular Gas Boiler Prices

potterton boiler prices assure heat only

The Assure Heat is one of the lightest regular boilers on the market at just 19.5kg. This means that there’s great flexibility for sitting, and it can even be fitted into a standard kitchen cupboard. There are five heating output options, 13kW, 16kW, 19kW, 25kW and 30kW, all of which are Energy Saving Trust endorsed and which have an SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 89.2%. That makes the full range be categorised as A-rated boilers.

The assure can be fitted with either a top or central flue, which can be up to 12m in length. Potterton has also enabled front or side access to all the key components, making servicing and repairs a much easier job.

Promax Store Regular Boiler Prices

potterton boiler prices promax store

The innovative Potterton Promax has a built-in storage tank which then eliminates the need for a separate cylinder. This means that now you free up the previously used space, and there’s less to replace in the future!

You do, though, need to consider that to store the water, the boiler needs to be bigger than a standard combi or system boiler; hence, it is a floor-standing set-up.

This is still a high-efficiency boiler that has achieved a SEDBUK A efficiency rating for both heating and hot water. It’s also fully modulating so it can adjust the output according to the temperature for the heating that you’ve set in the system.  It’s also compatible with both the Megaflo Eco Solar Cylinders and Santon Premier Plus Solar Cylinders, so if you’re looking for ways to save even more money through lower energy usage, the Promax store provides some great options.

Compare Potterton Regular Boiler Prices

Boiler ModelWarrantyTypical Price
Potterton Promax SL Heat 12kW Regular Gas Boiler1 year£675
Potterton Promax SL Heat 18kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£850
Potterton Promax SL Heat 15kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£790
Potterton Promax Store 90L Regular Gas Boiler2 years£717
Potterton Promax Store 155L Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,697
Potterton Promax Store 150L Regular Gas Boiler2 years£2,000
Potterton Ultra Regular 24kW Gas Boiler2 years£1,100
Potterton Ultra Regular 21kW Gas Boiler2 years£1,110
Potterton Ultra Regular 18kW Gas Boiler2 years£988
Potterton Ultra Regular 15kW Gas Boiler2 years£988
Potterton Ultra Regular 12kW Gas Boiler2 years£984
Potterton Assure Heat 13kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£777
Potterton Assure Heat 16kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£858
Potterton Assure Heat 19kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£829
Potterton Assure Heat 25kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,147
Potterton Assure Heat 30kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,342
Potterton Titanium 12kW Regular Gas Boiler7 years£700
Potterton Titanium 15kW Regular Gas Boiler7 years£850
Potterton Titanium 18kW Regular Gas Boiler7 years£850
Potterton Titanium 24kW Regular Gas Boiler7 years£900
Potterton Titanium 30kW Regular Gas Boiler7 years£840

Who Are Potterton?

potterton boiler prices logo

Potterton boilers have a rich British history, with Thomas Potterton inventing the Zig-Zag boiler in 1894. They quickly became known as innovators within the heating industry, and in 1937, they were commissioned to install boilers at No.10 Downing Street!

By the late 1970s, Potterton was manufacturing over 3,000 boilers a week from their Warwickshire operation, and demand was so high that they then opened a second assembly plant in Rugby.

Several structural changes took place in the following years, with Potterton becoming part of Blue Circle Industries in 1988 who Baxi then purchased in 1999.

Potterton Boiler Warranties

Potterton offers a no-quibble warranty of up to seven years on all their boilers. This is all done through Baxi support as they are part of the Baxi family. So, while the ‘no quibble’ part is across the range, the warranty period varies from boiler to boiler. That means that you need to clarify the length of cover before making your purchase so that you know exactly how long you’ll be covered for.

potterton boiler prices part of baxi

As with all manufacturers, there are some criteria that need to be met to ensure that the warranty is validated. These include:

  • Registering the installation of the boiler within thirty days – Remember they are part of the Baxi family
  • Ensuring that the installation engineer completes the Benchmark commissioning checklist and that you then keep it in a safe place in case of warranty claims
  • Ensure that your boiler is serviced annually and that it’s undertaken by Gas Safe registered engineer

Are potterton boilers prices any good?

Potterton offers a great range of boilers, although their warranty offering isn’t as generous as their competitors. However, there are some key features that might make them a boiler that is perfect for your needs.

Here at New Boiler Costs, we like to compare all the best manufacturers, so if you’re looking for similar boilers then check out our other manufacturers such as Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Alpha & more.

Don’t forget though that the prices we’ve quoted are just for the cost of the boiler. In most situations, you’ll also have the cost of installation to add on.  For an all-in price, including installation, we have a free online quotation service with Boiler Central where we’ll even make some suggestions for suitable boilers based on your household requirements.

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