Ideal Logic 30 Combi Boiler Review

ideal logic combi boiler review

At New Boiler Costs we love a bargain, and that’s exactly what the Ideal Logic Plus combi boiler is. It’s no secret either. The Logic is one of the most installed and well-known combi boilers in the UK.

Easy to install, reliable, and with a great price tag the logic is always going to be a popular choice. Throw in some new features such as being Hydrogen ready (H2 ready) this is the perfect new boiler at a great price. 

Ideal Logic Combi Boiler Overview

  • Boiler Price – From £1,899 with installation (Logic Plus Model)
  • Available in both combi boiler & System boiler
  • Combi boiler outputs – 24kW, 30kW & 35kW
  • Dimensions – 700 x 395 x 278mm
  • Gas Condensing Boilers
  • Energy efficiency rating – A
  • Flow Rate –  From 9.9 l/min
  • Up to 7 years warranty

Ideal Boiler Review

As you can see from the overview, the Logic Plus range is compact, has a decent warranty, is energy efficient, and comes at a great price. Over the years the Ideal Logic range has received many accreditations and awards for being a great boiler. Let’s take a look at some of the Logic Plus’ features to see why…

Ideal Logic Combi Boilers – What’s new?

Hydrogen Ready or H2 ready for short is what’s new, and the Ideal Logic Plus combi boiler is just that. This means that it can work with a mix of up to 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas. This is the next step towards lower fuel emissions and ensures that domestic combi boilers are here to stay for the time being. 

With a simple and easy-to-use backlit LCD display, compact design to be able to fit into cupboards and low noise operating level winning the Logic Plus a Quiet Mark accreditation, this combi boiler is suited to a vast amount of homes in the UK.

How much does the Ideal Logic Combi Boiler cost?

The Ideal logic plus is a mid-range boiler and is priced in that bracket. This particular new boiler cost around £1,800 with installation the Logic Plus offers performance and reliability to match this price tag. You can get up to 7 years warranty for your peace of mind when installed with an Ideal System Filter. It’s not a cheap boiler, but it’s the choice of many new build property companies due to the ease of installation, use and longevity. 

Ideal Logic Plus Combi Boiler Boiler Price Table

Boiler MakeBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputBoiler Installation Cost
IdealLogic +Combi Boiler24kW£1,900
IdealLogic +Combi Boiler30kW£2,000
IdealLogic +Combi Boiler35kW£2,100

The main features of the Ideal Logic Plus 30 Boiler Review

Above we outlined some of the best features of the Logic boiler range, but we’ll have another deeper look as to what these features are along with others to see why you should consider these as a replacement for your current boiler. 

H2 Ready (Hydrogen Ready)

The newest addition to combi boilers in the UK. Ideal has ensured that they are on top of the game with the Hydrogen ready capabilities and the Logic has been upgraded to be just that. The logic plus can work with a 20% hydrogen mix with natural gas. Great for keeping emissions down and knowing that your boiler is future-proof.

Compact Cupboard Fit

Marketed on Ideal’s website as designed to fit in kitchen cupboards, you can be sure that this boiler will fit in most normal-sized cupboards. We always recommend you check first and measure properly! 

Quite Mark Award

Most modern boilers are relatively quiet in operation, but the Ideal Logic has been awarded A Quiet Mark accreditation due to operating at 44 decibels. This is great news if you have a smaller home and your boiler is going to be installed near to living space. No rude interruptions during that tense moment in a scary film!

Energy Saving Trust Endorsed

Imagine buying a new combi boiler and actually saving money. Well, that is exactly what you could do with the Ideal Logic 30 combi boiler. Endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, this boiler is economical to the hilt at 94% efficiency and rated A for both hot water and heating.  

Ideal Logic Plus System Boilers

Ideal Logic Plus system boilers offer exactly the same as the combi boiler range in terms of performance, reliability, and warranties but they are more suited to a larger home with higher hot water demand. This is where the Logic range ensures that it is a boiler to cater for as many homes as possible in the UK. If you currently have a system boiler with a hot water tank then you can just replace your boiler unit. If not, Ideal does offer hot water cylinders at an extra cost. 

Ideal Logic Plus System Boiler Price Table

Boiler MakeBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputBoiler Installation Cost
IdealLogic +System Boiler15kW£1,900
IdealLogic +System Boiler18kW£2,000
IdealLogic +System Boiler24kW£2,100
IdealLogic +System Boiler30kW£2,200

Ideal Logic Review Verdict

I think it’s pretty obvious from the awards and accreditations that the Ideal Logic boiler is a good boiler. Bigger companies than us have slapped their name alongside it, and to be fair could render this whole review pointless as you may have already made your mind up just on that basis, but here are our scores out of 10…

Performance – 8/10

The Logic boiler does its job well. It’s reliable, quiet, cheap to run, and futureproof with it being H2 ready. It just lacks that finesse at the moment, with dials to change temperature and no WiFi built-in like others in the same price bracket. A good boiler, but it just could ideally do with some more up-to-date features to help match its reliability.

Reliability – 9/10

A proper stalwart of the boiler world, the Logic combi boiler seems to have been around since the dawn of time, and that’s why it’s still going. It’s reliable to the hilt, and if anything does go wrong it’s cheap and easy to fix.

Ideal Logic Boiler Price – 7/10

When it comes to price the Logic plus is in the mid-range price bracket at around £1,800 including installation. Considering the other boilers in the market at the same price, it has a bit to find. You get far more for your money with the Worcester 4000 for around the same price. 

Ideal Boiler 7 Year Warranty Reviews – 7/10

The warranty of the Logic Plus is 7 years. Which when compared to other boilers for the same price that have the same and better features leave something to be desired also. 7 years is good, it’s just not good enough for the price you pay. 

Ideal Boiler Reviews Overall Score 7.5/10

We haven’t really got anything bad to say about the Ideal Logic Plus boiler, it is only when you compare it to other boilers in the market at the same price that the numbers don’t add up. If you are adamant that you want an Ideal Logic then we wouldn’t tell you not to, we just think you should take a look around before you buy. It has the accreditations, but it’s not these companies that are spending their hard-earned money on a new boiler for your home. 

Ideal Logic Boiler Thermostats & Controls

When it boiler controls there are 2 main options these days. Smart thermostats and the more common wireless thermostats. Ideal offer both kinds so lets take a look at what they are. 

Ideal Halo Smart Thermostat.

The Halo is Ideals answer to the smart thermostat revolution. Loved by people mainly as they can control the heating in their home from anywhere that has an internet connection, these thermostats are designed to try and help you save money. The Halo enables you to control your heating and keep track of energy usage from your mobile devices.  

RF Electronic Wireless Thermostat

The more conventional thermostat from Ideal still enables you a large amount of control over your home’s heating. You can still use this to set timers and manually change the temperature as and when you need it, but only whilst in your home. Easy to use and reliable, these are designed to be used with the Ideal Logic boilers. 

Hive & Nest

These universal thermostats can be used to control your Ideal logic boilers. If you already have one to control your current boiler then you can just with that one over to use with your new one. These smart thermostats are great bits of kit and if used properly can save you money on your gas and electricity bills. 

Summary – Compare Boilers & Save

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Ideal Logic combi boiler and system boiler are good boilers. But any savvy boiler buyer will always check what else is on the market to get the best deals. Here at New Boiler Costs, we like to compare all the best manufacturers, so if you’re looking for a certain make or model or just browsing, check out our other pages for Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Alpha, Potterton & more. You can always click get a quote to get recommended combi boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers suited to your home. We can even find you prices for oil boilers & electric boilers.

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