Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 review

worcester bosch greenstar 4000 review

At New Boiler Costs we like to give you all the latest information on the best boilers available for your home. Let’s take a look at the brand new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 and some of the main things people want to know when buying a new boiler including new boiler cost

Worcester Bosch 4000 overview

  • Boiler Price – From £1,795 with installation
  • Available in both combi boiler & system boiler
  • Combi boiler outputs – 25kW & 30kW
  • System boiler outputs – 12kW-24kW
  • Dimensions – 710 x 400 x 310mm
  • Gas Condensing Boilers
  • Energy efficiency rating – A
  • Flow Rate –  From 10.2 l/min (combi Boiler)
  • Up to 10 years warranty

We’ve quickly given you the overview of the boiler here as it may save you time and money, but if you want to find out a bit more about the brand new Worcester 4000 then we have taken the time to dissect this brand new boiler and see what’s good about it, and what’s not so good. We’ll give you a quick heads up, there’s not much wrong with it! 

Worcester Greenstar 4000 combi boiler – How good is it?

We’ll firstly look at the Greenstar 4000 combi boiler rather than the system boiler because they are the most common boiler in the UK. This boiler is replacing the legendary Greenstar i series which has been in production for over 10 years from Worcester. The old Greenstar i is renowned for reliability and longevity. So its replacement needs to be better, and well, it is.

They’ve taken the ‘DNA’ as Worcester says from this iconic boiler, fiddled with it to make it better, and given it a whole new look. It is barely recognisable from the outside, but we are told the insides have been tweaked to be more economical & futureproof.

How much does a Worcester 4000 cost?

How much does a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler cost is the big question? It’s new so it’s going to cost more. Wrong, it doesn’t cost any more than the old Greenstar i. Fantastic news! It’s not the cheapest boiler on the market, but it’s priced as it should be for a mid-range boiler.

Worcester 4000 Boiler Price Table

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy EfficiencyBoiler Price
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000Combi Boiler25 kWA rated£950
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000Combi Boiler30 kWA rated£1,050

The main features of the new Worcester 4000

With a new boiler comes the expectation of new features, so latest take a look at some of the internal and external features that make this a ‘better than ever’ boiler.

LCD touchscreen colour display

There’s no second-guessing what’s going on with your new Worcester 4000 when in operation. It clearly shows in full text what is going on. A colour pressure gauge, boiler temperature, and easy-to-use and navigate menus make this a technophobes dream. 

Quick tap water saving

Energy-saving and water-saving are ever more key in saving our planet. The Worcester ‘quick tap’ is just another addition to help save water. Simply turn your tap on and off to kick start your boiler, 30 seconds later turn it back on, and boom! Hot water without running the tap to get there. 

Quite Mark Accreditation

The Greenstar 4000 is a whole 10% quieter than the old Greenstar i range. This may not seem a lot, but when you consider that the old boiler was already quiet, it’s pretty impressive, therefore given the Quiet Mark accreditation. This boiler can fit in kitchen cupboards too, so this will also make it go more unnoticed! 

SimpleSwitch & Wall Mounting Frame

Good news if you have the old Greenstar i, Worcester have thought about you! They have maintained the parts in the same position to enable an easy swap for any new Worcester 4000 just to slot in place. What a great idea to ensure you get another Worcester!

Easy access to all key components

Let’s face it, life’s not easy and things go wrong, but when they do we want an easy fix. The 4000 is prepared and ready for any problems that may arise and has front access to all key components. Great if your plumber is on an hourly rate!

Intelligent Auto Filling

If you are ever bothered to look at your water pressure gauge sometimes it will drop and you may have to fiddle with a few taps underneath and watch the gauge rise. Not with the 4000, it does it all itself. No worrying if you’re going to flood the house or turn the water off!

Worcester Bosch 4000 System Boiler

The Worcester bosch system boiler has all the same benefits and parts upgrade as the combi boiler. It can slot right into an old Greenstar i system boilers place and take off right where it ended. These boilers need a hot water storage cylinder to work, so ensure that you definitely need a 4000 system boiler and not a combi.

Worcester 4000 System Boiler Price Table

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeOutputEnergy EfficiencyBoiler Price
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000System Boiler12 kWA rated£945
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000System Boiler15 kWA rated£990
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000System Boiler18 kWA rated£1,025
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000System Boiler21 kWA rated£1,070
Worcester BoschGreenstar 4000System Boiler24 kWA rated£1,115

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boilers Verdict

We’ve mentioned some of the fun stuff, and the boring stuff, but here is our verdict on whether or not you should spend your hard-earned cash on this particular new boiler. Rated Excellent on TrustPilot from thousands of reviews also bolsters the claims of the Worcester Bosch brand.

Performance – 9/10

It’s a Worcester Bosch, it was always going to perform well in the heating department. There was no way they were going to take a backward step after years of domination.

Reliability – 9/10

It’s a Worcester…. Can we use that again? In all seriousness though, Worcesters we see or hear of very little complaints from Worcester Bosch owners and if looked after with its obligatory yearly service then you should have years of hassle-free heating. 

Pricing – 8/10

It’s not the cheapest boiler you can buy, but it’s priced accordingly for the market it is aimed at. The 400 will be Worcesters mid-range boiler in between the 2000 and 8000. That said, you can get a Viessmann Vitodens 050-w for less for the same performance, reliability, and warranty!

Warranty.- 8/10

If this boiler is that good it should get the market-leading 12 years that are on offer for some boilers these days. You can only get the full 10 years too if you upgrade and pay a little bit more for your boiler. It’s a bit sneaky, although we think it’s worth it if you are going to buy this boiler. 

Overall Score 8.5/10

8.5 is a pretty good score, if it was slightly cheaper it would be a 9, but then we are quibbling over around £50-£100 depending on where you buy. But, the money is always better in your pocket than theirs!

Worcester Bosch 4000 Boiler Thermostats & Controls

Everyone these days wants a smart thermostat. Who doesn’t want to get their home nice and warm on a cold winter’s night for when they get in after a day’s hard graft. Well with the Worcester 4000 you have a multitude of options, both smart and regular for those who prefer a simple life. 

Bosch EasyControl

Why let Hive and Nest have all the fun when you can design your own smart thermostat and app. This is exactly when Worcester has done with the Bosch EasyControl. Simply connect to your Greenstar 4000 through the built-in WiFi, download the app to your phone or device and you can control your heating from anywhere that you have an internet connection! 

Comfort Plus II

This is Worcester’s best standard thermostat. Simple to use like any normal thermostat with settings and programs for you to be able to change the temperature at certain times. Easy to use and great if you are in and out of your house at regular times.

Hive & Nest

Both these smart thermostats are universal and can be sued by most boilers on the market if installed correctly. They work just the same as the EasyControl but are a lot more versatile. They’re not cheap, but apparently, they’re supposed to save you money on your gas and electricity bills. Partly true but it isn’t that simple. These connect to the boiler using the built-in WiFi also. 

Summary – Compare Boilers & Save

We love the Worcester Bosch 4000, it no doubt will be a big hit and installed in thousands of homes across the UK. Here at New Boiler Costs, we like to compare all the best manufacturers, so if you’re looking for a certain make or model or just browsing, check out our other pages for Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Alpha, Potterton & more. You can always click get a quote to get recommended combi boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers suited to your home. We can even find you prices for oil boilers & electric boilers.

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